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Built and designed by hogash team, the creator of famous WordPress theme Kallyas, this plugin is the newest page builder on the market that comes with tools to build an outstanding WordPress website

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Below are listed the core competencies

Elements and templates at your fingertip

Add elements and templates right where you need them from the page builder “Add Elements Popup”

Basic 27 elements

  • Section
  • Column
  • Text Editor
  • Custom HTML
  • Shortcode
  • Google Maps
  • Counter
  • Progress Bars
  • Image Slider
  • Anchor Point
  • Testimonials
  • Icon List
  • Alert
  • Sidebar
  • Soundcloud
  • Pricing Box
  • Tabs
  • Accordions
  • Image Box
  • Image
  • Icon
  • Icon Box
  • Gallery
  • Heading
  • Video
  • Button
  • Separator

Independent composition of elements

Each element is composed from a wrapper and its sub-components. For example a button is composed from a wrapper, the button and the icon, and each one of them may have individual styles applied.

Unified system of options

Every element has the same easy to use and intuitive options pattern found in the “Element Options” panel. It consists of 3 main tabs: general, styling, advanced and search.

Global styles

In order to apply the same styles on multiple elements, Global CSS Classes were implemented. They can be styled either from page options panel, or from the Element options panel. No coding skills required.

Live responsive editing

Visually decide the sizes, colors or positioning of the elements for each screen. This means that any changes made to the mobile view, will only appear on that device and it will not affect the other devices, which will still maintain the original design options.

Custom rich text on click

Inline editor is triggered on text click, and provides options such as font family, size, weight, spacing, alignment or text-transform. It can also be dragged anywhere.

Gradient background

You can layer multiple gradients by making use of color opacity. When set a lower opacity of gradient colors, other gradient layers become visible. Experiment with a different options on different gradient layers.

Manage loaded resources

You can choose what fonts , colors, gradients, icon packs or templates to appear in the page builder. That means you can choose only the fonts you need in your website even if on the dashboard you have access to hundreds of other fonts.

History of actions

Saving system, history of your actions, post revisions, users permissions or easily discard changes give you the power of becoming the sole creator of your website. Shortcuts for undo and redo are also available.

Design features

The following extra design features come built in the Panel Element Options: Blending Bakground, ColorPicker, Pseudo – selectors, Element’s motion control, Flexbox control, Powerful background image, Filters, Borders, Shadows, Typography, Transform, Transitions

Library system

A whole panel that can be accessed from the main bar. It contains the actions needed for import and exporting library parts, and the access to Zion library.

Advanced features

  • Post revisions
  • Role Manager
  • Regenerate CSS
  • Replace URL
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom javaScript
  • Renaming elements
  • Element’s visibility
  • Custom HTML element
  • Columns sizes and offsets
  • Extendable options

User experience features

  • Dragging elements
  • Dragging size and spacing
  • Right-click actions
  • Top right toolbar shortcuts
  • Custom workspace
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Searchable options
  • Discard changes
  • Easily change the number values

Documentation and Support

For documentation and tutorials visit our Knowledge Base.


  • Editing experience
  • Editing experience
  • Responsive options
  • Inline edit
  • ZionBuilder online library
  • ZionBuilder online library
  • Tree view
  • Section view. The plugin will make screenshoots of your sections so you can easily find them
  • Wireframe view
  • History panel. You can get back in time
  • Two builder panel open
  • Responsive options. You can style an element for each device
  • Plugin edit screen while hovering an element
  • Element options
  • Add new element in page
  • ZionBuilder online library


What is Zion Page Builder?

Zion Page Builder is a front end visual page builder plugin for WordPress. Zion Page Builder lets you create original-looking posts and pages that are unique, compared with the standard post/page templates that come with your WordPress theme. It doesn’t require any HTML/CSS/PHP/coding skills. Zion Page Builder gives you full control over your page looks like on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Can I edit posts or other custom posts with Zion Page Builder?

Yes you can. You can edit posts, pages, and custom post types with Zion Page Builder by activating them from the plugin Admin panel.


February 22, 2021
Page load time is important factor by Google to rank the web pages. If you think SEO is important, Zion Builder should be used instead. This page builder is very lightweight and faster than Elementor. This is what make it better for SEO.
December 17, 2020
I was looking for a lightweight page builder with lots of features and I have to say I found it. It even include functionalities which other Page Builders charge for and it's very easy to understand and use. Thanks a lot guys...
December 15, 2020
I'm a user of Elementor, Beaver Builder, Oxygen, and a reluctant convert to Gutenberg after years of customizing the classic editor. 🙂 Zion Builder does a number of things very well (like clean code, parent/sibling selectors in hierarchy, and custom length units by default [e.g., easy to change "24px" to "2em"]). Both the free and pro versions are missing some crucial features (like menu elements and the ability to change responsive break points), but it's early days yet; I expect those are coming. The developers will have to work very fast to get Zion up to speed before Full Site Editing becomes possible in Gutenberg, if they want to capture a significant market share, I think. In addition to above, star rating reflects: using id's to style elements (classes are considered a best-practices), lack of ⌘-Z undo, incomplete history (does not track, for example, adding an icon to a button), lack of focus styles and ease of adding :hover, :focus together (basic accessibility is NOT a "Pro" feature!), and for putting the edit icon the furthest from the toolbox toggle. Also needs page/post/cpt search in link fields. Also suggested is putting an outline around the element currently being edited. When items are similar, it's not always clear that you have successfully switched elements for editing (buttons, for example).
November 6, 2020
Zion builder surprised me a lot. It is already a combination of the largest builders on the market. It focuses on comprehensive, unlimited site creation, while maintaining simplicity for non-encoders and yet full control for webmasters. All this while maintaining the lightness of the code without bloating. So far, everything is in the beginning, but I believe that it will gradually develop fully, and if the developers work hard on zion and listen to users, which they are doing now (communication with them is amazing) then it will be one of the best builders. According to the developers, many things that are still missing are being completed and will be gradually supplemented. Like full header and footer editing, full editing for third-party elements, and more.
October 22, 2020
Installed plugin on a fresh install using default Twenty Twenty theme with no other plugins. Plugin is not functional from the start! The welcome pop up cannot be closed via mouse click, had to disable via Developer mode. Update: 4 resources did not load over a HTTPS connection and this caused several conflicts within the plugin. We removed the plugin and re-installed with an active HTTPS connection and we can now move pass the welcome pop-up and install pre-page templates.
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1.2.3 2020-12-14

  • Improvement: rtl support for both editor and rendered page
  • Improvement: Error message when a template cannot be inserted
  • Improvement: Added video to plugin description
  • Improvement: Avoid extra click when inserting icon into page
  • Improvement: Added invert filter to style options
  • Fixed icon element generates color css twice
  • Fixed back button from library preview closes the panel
  • Fixed plugin name display
  • Fixed add global color visual bug
  • Fixed placement and style for Elements filtering in Add Elements popup
  • Fixed description text in about modal

1.2.2 2020-12-09

  • Fixed focus on inline editor font size
  • Fixed Panel Library maximize buton click not working
  • Fixed wp 5.6 compatibility
  • Fixed click on adding global color closes colorPicker
  • Fixed tabs element not applying custom classes

1.2.1 2020-12-08

  • Internal Feature: allow setting default value for repeater field
  • Improved: Add message when there are no saved gradients
  • Improved: Added allow Html in title fields in editor mode
  • Improved: Icon element markup in editor mode
  • Improved: demo mode
  • Improved: icon tab set normal default
  • Fixed Column styling options not showing on Safari on MacOS Big Sur
  • Fixed render classes on positioning the counter element
  • Fixed accordions element not showing in page when first added
  • Fixed Box shadow inset applies even if it is set to no
  • Fixed heading align option not responsive
  • Fixed custom classes not applying to various elements

1.2.0- 2020-12-07

  • Added options to style the active tab for Tabs element
  • Added WordPress filters for REST controllers
  • Renamed Custom HTML element to Custom Code
  • Improved: Changes green dot now appears for dynamic values
  • Improved Zion Builder library display Improved: The options panel will show the general tab when editing a different element
  • Improved: Removed help tab from builder panel.
  • Improved: Page cache not clearing properly when modifying the page
  • Fixed accordion and tabs elements not working in certain conditions
  • Fixed icon element options not applying in certain conditions
  • Fixed shortcodes not working
  • Fixed element changes not saving to history in certain conditions
  • Fixed pseudo-element before options shows console error in certain conditions
  • Fixed restoring from local storage not working in certain conditions
  • Various code cleanup and improvements

1.1.0- 2020-11-24

  • Feature: Add Elements Popup pens automatically when column layouts are inserted
  • Feature: Element options panel: Added ability to click on the element title to select the parent element
  • Feature: Abillity to change Column setting for each viewport for Zion’s Gallery Element
  • Feature: Make Button Position option changeable per viewport
  • Renamed regenerate css to regenerate css and js
  • Improved history
  • Improved Tabs Element
  • Allow save page on content editable
  • Allow browser context on right click in preview mode
  • Hide element menu when scrolling
  • Replaced pageEvents with windows
  • Update plugin info card for pro version
  • Update Urls for changelog
  • Implemented element scroll to
  • Replace modal tour with intro video
  • Change Tab name from “Columns” to “Layouts”
  • Updated elements registration
  • Created methods for adding childs to elements
  • Added ability to use zion builder version of Vue
  • Made components package as vue plugin
  • Reorganized components
  • Updated to Popper2
  • Removed Vuex from dependencies
  • Add padding to element icon for image element
  • Add v1.0.0 to lerna
  • Update to Vue 3 and fix compatibility syntax
  • Switched to monorepo
  • Added filter for license check
  • Update Data Fonts Google set
  • Add ability to get render attributes for multiple tag ids
  • Fixed poper behaviour on scroll
  • Fixed image wrapper border on image option
  • Fixed element custom css not working
  • Fixed Mozilla bug on input
  • Fixed locked user data
  • Fixed image element margin drag hides the toolbox
  • Fixed Zion Builder not working with Yoast in certain conditions
  • Fixed PHP Stan erors
  • Fixed CSS classes not cleared when a new css class is added or changed
  • Fixed render “Array” string on elements classes
  • Fixed section masks not working
  • Fixed element with no options shows values as array
  • Fixed CSS not generated when using 0 (zero) without any suffix like ‘px’ for input values
  • Fixed Absolute Positioning of elements in Zion Builder is not the same as on the front end
  • Fixed CSS not working correctly inside Zion Builder after changing Column ID
  • Fixed Zion Keyboard Shortcuts prohibit from typing capital letters inside the WordPress media popup screen
  • Fixed css classes not cleared when a new css class is added or changed
  • Fixed Custom Javascript doesn’t get removed in ‘Custom Javascript’ under ‘Page Options’ when saving page

1.0.1- 2020-08-17

  • Renamed plugin
  • Changed register element system
  • Updated composer dependencies
  • Replaced PRO description from admin
  • Updated minimum PHP version
  • Performance optimizations
  • Implement pro connection
  • Add pro badge to dashboard
  • Add calendar picker
  • Add new transform properties
  • Moved render methods to render class
  • Added loading gif to element loading
  • Update keywords for elements
  • Prevent adding emty values on transition property
  • Added offset 0 value for columns
  • Added dynamic background color option type
  • Implement masks for sections and columns
  • Change png to svg in section view
  • Add specialFilterPak prop to iconsLibraryModal
  • Add dynamic content to heading, iconbox, iconList, ImageBox,PricingBox, ProgressBars, Testimonial
  • Added vendor prefixes for css styles
  • Added filters to various locations
  • Remove seconds from History items
  • Added filter for options parsing
  • Added form filters
  • Added filter for element custom css
  • Updated plugin version
  • Added namespace to plugin file
  • Updated pagebuilder meta keys
  • Implemented update system
  • Added updater base code
  • Fixed data update not working properly
  • Fixed template not importing images in certain conditions
  • Fixed background size contain
  • Fixed panels height dragging
  • Fixed background gradient not working
  • Fixed case sensitive icon search
  • Fixed styles not generating proper css
  • Fixed duplicate renderer var
  • Fixed css duplicated
  • Fixed animations visibility glitch
  • Fixed flex direction row in rendered page
  • Fixed uploaded icons not showing in frontend editor
  • Fixed css gradients
  • Fixed animation duration and delay not working properly
  • Fixed missing post id for bulk actions API call
  • Fixed inverse text shadow icons for horizontal and vertical spread
  • Fixed no loader for templates library preview when inserting the item
  • Fixed blur not rendering correctly
  • Fixed compatibility with older versions of MySQL/MariaDB
  • Fixed safari library scroll not working
  • Fixed compatibility with legacy zionbuilder
  • Fixed several PHP stan errors
  • Fixed build command
  • Fixed testimonial element not showing properly in frontend
  • Fixed scrollTop and overflow hidden from accordion menu
  • Fixed compatibility with WP 5.4.2
  • Fixed error showing when using video background


  • Initial Public Release