WPCafe Multivendor Restaurant Addon for Dokan


Convert your Restaurant Website into a multivendor restaurant and food-selling marketplace with WPCafe.

If you want to transform your restaurant websites into a Multivendor food selling marketplace then here is WPCafe Multivendor Restaurant Addon. WPCafe offers Dokan Multivendor plugin support that allows vendors to sign up and creates their restaurant profile. It helps you to build a food-selling marketplace and earn a commission from every sale.

Build a complete Multivendor food selling and restaurant marketplace with WPCafe Multi vendor Restaurant Addon for Dokan

Feature Lists of WPCafe multi vendor food ordering system for restaurant delivery:

⭐ Vendor Wise Food Menu Styles

⭐ Vendor Wise Food Menu Location

⭐ AJAX-based Mini-cart Support

⭐ Vendor Wise Food Menu Discount (WP Cafe PRO)

⭐ Vendor Wise Food Preparing & Delivery Time (WP Cafe PRO)

WPCafe is a complete WooCommerce food order, pickup and delivery plugin to launch restaurant websites. You can create a food menu, restaurant reservation, food order and delivery system (PRO). Moreover, WPCafe comes with WordPress shortcode, Elementor widgets and Gutenberg block to make your Restaurant website simple and easy to use.

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Expand your Online Multivendor Food Business with the following features:

Multivendor addon for WPCafe offers you amusing features for giving you ultimate freedom to create restaurant marketplace. Now, you can start your website as a multivendor food business. Here is the short description we offering :

⭐ Minicart Support: Admin can enable/disable mini cart options for the vendor. AJAX-based mini cart is helpful for the buyer to check and calculate the item price and discounts.

⭐ Vendor Wise Food Menu Location: Admin can specify the total list of locations globally. It will apply to all the vendors. Vendors can select locations while uploading the item to the marketplace.

⭐ Vendor Wise Food Menu Styles: Each vendor will have a different menu style and they can change it as needed. Eventually, it will bring a different style food menu for a different vendor.

⭐ Vendor Wise Food Menu Discount: Vendors can set discounts for any item they want. They can set themselves and are not bound to the admin. The discount could be different for multiple items or the same for all items.

⭐ Vendor Wise Food Preparing & Delivery Time: During products (Food Items) upload, vendors can select the product preparing time. They also can select a delivery time for the items.

WPCafe’s Parent Plugin’s Food Menu Feature:

⭐ 30+ Food Style and Templates
⭐ Discount on menu items
⭐ Location Based Food Menu
⭐ Customizable Ajax Mini Cart
⭐ WooCommerce invoice print and PDF download
⭐ Option to Design Color, Icon on Mini-Cart
⭐ Menu of the day
⭐ Product addons feature

WPCafe’s Parent Plugin Food Ordering Features:

⭐ QR Code on Food ordering
⭐ Order bumps during food ordering
⭐ Minimum order amount in food ordering
⭐ Visual Table Layout Selection
⭐ Live Order Notification
⭐ Tip Notification
⭐ Table Reservation & Food Ordering

WPCafe’s Parent Plugin Notable Features:

⭐ Food Delivery and Pickup time
⭐ Location selection popup for homepage
⭐ Customize Order Delivery and Pickup Form
⭐ Pickup and Delivery Schedule
⭐ Order Prepare and Delivery Schedule
⭐ Holiday and Special Day Schedule
⭐ Fully Customizable Reservation Form
⭐ Single and Multiple Slot Schedule Booking
⭐ Seat Capacity Management
⭐ RTL Support Form and Calender
⭐ Early Booking and Late Booking
⭐ Customizable Email Body for Reservations
⭐ Frontend Reservation Cancellation
⭐ Cancel a reservation from front-end
⭐ Override WooCommerce Default Layout
⭐ Sales report and Analytics of restaurant
⭐ Single and multi-slot reservation systems
⭐ FluentCRM integration

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  • Multivendor Store List
  • Store Page
  • Vendor Dashboard
  • Vendor Store Settings
  • Location Popup
  • Vendors


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. All Settings will be found in Admin sidebar -> WPCafe

eg. This plugin requires WooCommerce to use all functionality.


Should I install WPCafe and Dokan Multivendor Plugin for the addons?

YES! The addons work with WPCafe and Dokan multivendor. To get full functionality, you will need to install both of the plugins.

What are you offering with this addons plugin?

We are offering multivendor options for the food menus for WPCafe. This simply describes you can turn your website into a multivendor selling site. People can signup and start selling on your website.

Do you have multivendor support for reservation and pickup delivery?

Currently NO. But we are working and we will add multivendor support for reservation and pickup delivery in our future update.

Can I use this plugin without WPCafe PRO and Dokan PRO?

YES! You can use ‘WPCafe Multivendor addons for Dokan’ without WPCafe PRO and Dokan PRO. It will work fine. However, we recommend you to use WPCafe PRO as it will enable extra features for your website.


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Contributors & Developers

“WPCafe Multivendor Restaurant Addon for Dokan” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.0.9 (11 December, 2023 )

Fix : Select2 is not loading in admin
Check : WordPress 6.4 Compatibility Checking

1.0.8 ( August 2, 2022 )

Added : Global Product addons added

1.0.7 ( July 27, 2022 )

Added : Product addons added
Tweak : Settings interface update

1.0.6 ( July 19, 2022 )

Fix : Conflict with wpcafe
Tweak : PHP script optimization

1.0.5 ( July 08, 2022 )

Added : Vendor name added in Food menu layout
Tweak : PHP script optimization
Tweak : Improve Compatibility with different WordPress themes

1.0.4 ( March 20, 2022 )

Tweak : PHP script optimization
Fix : CSS fix

1.0.3 ( October 20, 2021 )

Fix : Documentation link update
Fix : CSS fix

1.0.2 ( August 05, 2021 )

Fix : Food menu style issues fix

1.0.1 ( April 29, 2021 )

Fix : Typo issues fix
Fix : Food delivery location updated in product details
Fix : Update translation


  • initial release