This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WordPress Advanced Ticket System, Elite Support Helpdesk


This WordPress plugin adds the features of a complete support ticket system for WordPress. This allows users to submit tickets to report problems or get support on whatever you want directly through your WordPress website. Users can set the status, priority, product and type of each ticket submitted into this WordPress support plugin. WATS is perfect WordPress plugin for support plus advanced issue management.

Plugin’s Official website

WordPress Advanced Ticket System :

On the official website, you’ll find detailed setup instructions, anwsers to FAQ and premium release order page.

WATS offers multiple ways for your customers to submit tickets :

  • through the frontend form without any authentication nor registration (Premium release)
  • through the admin site via the shared guest user feature without any registration
  • through the admin side for all users with a minimum level of contributor
  • directly by email (Premium release)

WordPress Advanced Ticket System key features

Free release of WordPress support plugin :

  • ticket submission through the admin for registered users
  • ticket submission through the admin for unregistered users via the shared guest user feature
  • ticket submission and update on behalf of users, usefull for call centre
  • priority, status, type and product values preset by the admin
  • priority, status, type and product keys definition and update for each ticket
  • ticket statistics through dashboard and frontend widgets
  • smooth integration with WordPress themes

In addition to that, WordPress Advanced Ticket System Premium release brings in :

  • ticket submission through the frontend (Premium release)
  • ticket submission through email piping (Premium release)
  • ticket assignment (Premium release)
  • file uploader to allow registered users to attach files to the ticket in the frontend and admin sides (Premium release)
  • HTML WYSIWYG editor for ticket submission and ticket update in the frontend (Premium release)
  • unlimited number of text input, radio button, checkbox, drop down selector and datepicker custom fields for tickets, fully integrated with total control over read/write rights for each section (Premium release)
  • internal comments support for private exchanges between admins (Premium release)
  • mail notification upon new ticket submission for admins (Premium release)
  • mail notification based on key rules (product, priority, status and ticket types as well as author company and country) upon new ticket submission and ticket update for selected distribution list, ticket author, ticket updaters, ticket owner and admins (Premium release)
  • mail notification at regular intervals based on ticket due date (Premium release)
  • mail notification upon ticket update for ticket originator, updaters and admins (Premium release)
  • complete control over mail notifications format through the API (Premium release)
  • ticket list filtering, sorting and export to Excel in the frontend (Premium release)
  • advanced user profile features : account expiration date, country and company definition, user profile email modification prevention (Premium release)
  • possibility to group users by company (Premium release)
  • scalability : able to work on websites with more than 50.000 users! (Premium release)

WATS offers a wide range of features. A lot of options are available to allow you to set it up according to your needs thus making WATS compliant with most of the requirements.

Examples of use of WATS :

  • WordPress technical support software
  • complaint ticket system
  • trouble report system
  • IT ticketing system
  • repair tracking system
  • call log system
  • customer relationship management (CRM) system
  • software release lifecycle management
  • service request system
  • company, hotel or real estate service desk
  • helpdesk system
  • contact form with database tracking
  • collaborative content site with frontend post submission
  • appointment request system
  • easy ticket management for large organization
  • booking system

Translations :

  • English (Minimum release : 1.0, Originator : Olivier)
  • French (Minimum release : 1.0, Originator : Olivier)
  • German (Minimum release : 1.0.23, Originator : Tobias Kalleder)
  • Spanish (Minimum release : 1.0.49, Originator : Esteban)
  • Lithuanian (Minimum release : 1.0.50, Originator : Arturas)
  • Russian (Minimum release : 1.0.53, Originators : Alexey and Eugene)
  • Indonesian (Minimum release : 1.0.53, Originator : Rizal Fauzie)
  • Italian (Minimum release : 1.0.54, Originators : Erick Jara, Alessandro Pagano and Roberto Scano)
  • Polish (Minimum release : 1.0.55, Originator : Eryk Lewandowski)
  • Belarussian (Minimum release : 1.0.56, Originator : Alex)
  • Romanian (Minimum release : 1.0.56, Originator : Alex)
  • Dutch (Minimum release : 1.0.56, Originator : Anita Berghoef)
  • Hindi (Minimum release : 1.0.56, Originator : Outshine Solutions)
  • Slovak (Minimum release : 1.0.57, Originator : Branco)
  • Norwegian (Minimum release : 1.0.59, Originator : Ole Petter)
  • Ukrainian (Minimum release : 1.0.59, Originator : Howard)
  • Irish (Minimum release : 1.0.62, Originator : Jordan)


  • Ticket submission form in the frontend
  • Ticket listing in the frontend
  • Sample ticket display in the frontend


This WordPress ticket system plugin is almost plug and play :

  1. Install the plugin directly from the Extensions menu installer or by uploading the plugin files to the server.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Go to plugin configuration page (Menu : Settings > WATS Options).
  4. Go through each of the options pages and set the options according to your needs.

Detailed instructions on what each option is doing can be found here.

If you need more details about an option, you can also click on its title, this will show up an inline help.


1/ Technical FAQ :

We maintain a technical FAQ here.

You can find there answers to those questions :

  • What notifications can I set in WATS?
  • How ticket notifications rules are working?
  • Can I customize the mail notification content?
  • I don’t receive any notification when a ticket is submitted or updated?
  • Does WATS support email piping for new ticket submission?
  • How can I add the frontend submission form?
  • I have included the shortcodes for frontend submission form and ticket listing into a page but these don’t get converted into a form, have I missed something?
  • When I click on the “submit ticket” button in the frontend submission form, the form reloads but the ticket isn’t submitted, what happened?
  • Is it possible to hide some fields in the frontend submission form?
  • Is it possible to completely remove one key that I don’t need?
  • Is it possible for an admin to submit a ticket on behalf of a user?
  • Is it possible for users to submit tickets without any registration?
  • How can I update a ticket and post follow-up details?
  • The ticket meta keys don’t appear in the comment form, what is the problem?
  • Why do I get a blank page after updating the ticket?
  • Is it possible to use a custom template for ticket display page?
  • How can I style the meta keys in the single ticket page?
2/ License terms :

WATS is licensed under GPL v3.

3/ Warranty (Excerpt of GPL v3 – Disclaimer of Warranty) :



January 9, 2018
The only reason I gave this 5 stars is there is no option for 10 stars. Oliver's support for this plugin is nothing short of amazing. He answers emails immediately and is willing to help resolve any and all issues. The rest of the WordPress plugin community should take a page from his book. The plugin's Premium Version does everything I need it to do and more. Thanks Oliver for your attention to this. The best tickets system by far.
March 13, 2017
There is a personal touch from the support and care of the plugin's developer. I love it and it worked magic for me.
March 5, 2017
Great plugin offering the required functionality. Really appreciate the prompt and excellent customer support provided by the team.
December 8, 2016
developer literally responds immediately to support questions, very impressive.
November 25, 2016
I have discovered WATS few weeks ago. I have searched a simple ticket system to setup for few months before that. I had problems in the past with obsolete plugins and was concerned that I would invest time to install and configure a plugin that could potentially not work or not be maintained... It worked directly without any issue. I had few questions that the developer quickly answered. The good thing is that it perfectly integrated with my WordPress template without any requirement to dig into the template code. There is a good number of options available so it takes a bit of time to familiarize with the plugin but most of the default settings were enough for me. So far so good!
Read all 59 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“WordPress Advanced Ticket System, Elite Support Helpdesk” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



V1.0.62 (06/05/2017)

  • fixed a conflict with Yoast SEO plugin preventing ticket keys from being displayed in single ticket page
  • removed admin side link from ticket rules notification
  • removed unrequired css file
  • added Irish translation (provided by Jordan from )
  • added WordPress 4.6 and 4.7 compatibility

V1.0.61 (16/04/2016)

  • fixed the query to show all the attachments in the single ticket page
  • added the possibility to define default keys read/write access for regular users and admins in the different areas
  • added the possibility to bulk modify ticket key values in the frontend ticket listing
  • added WordPress 4.5 compatibility

V1.0.60 (21/02/2016)

  • added WordPress 4.3 and 4.4 compatibility
  • fixed a conflict with custom fields between frontend submission form and ticket listing when they are on the same page
  • fixed a warning related to file upload capability while changing user role
  • fixed a bug with category filter on notification rules
  • updated plugin path to allow compatibility with users using non default WP configuration
  • added Norwegian translation by Ole Petter
  • added Radio Button type to list of custom fields supported
  • fixed a bug with comments visibility in WP 4.4
  • added Ukrainian translation by Howard
  • added number of attachments to frontend ticket listing
  • added the possibility to have the ticket description set on a column rather than a row in frontend ticket listing exported file (better for sorting)
  • added the list of attachments to the ticket content
  • added the possibility to attach files to the ticket via the frontend submission form (for registered users only)
  • added the possibility to attach files to the ticket via the frontend ticket update form (for registered users only)

V1.0.59 (05/07/2015)

  • improved CSS of frontend ticket listing table head
  • added logout link to frontend submission form
  • added ticket description excerpt to frontend ticket listing as an optionnal row below the ticket details row
  • added a filter to the frontend ticket listing to allow ticket filtering by ID
  • fixed a bug affecting comments in WordPress 4.2+
  • fixed a bug affecting comments when ticket visibility is enabled for users from same company
  • added support for datepicker in the custom fields
  • added the possibility to define notification rules and notification interval based on ticket due date
  • added the possibility to define notification rules for ticket author, ticket owner, ticket updaters and all admins
  • modified the frontend ticket listing author column to show the unregistered author name
  • added inline style to frontend ticket listing priority column entries
  • enhanced styling of frontend ticket submission form
  • added the possibility to define cutom queries for the frontend ticket listing
  • fixed a bug with the ticket age column sorting in the frontend ticket listing

V1.0.58 (13/12/2014)

  • added an option to define which fields are mandatory to be filled by user on frontend submission form
  • added HTML editor to frontend submission form for ticket description edition and to the frontend ticket update form
  • fixed a bug with search query
  • added an option to allow ticket update on behalf of a user in frontend ticket update form
  • enhanced category list in frontend submission form to allow hierarchical display and sorting
  • added an option to allow any user to define custom ticket update notification mailing list
  • added possibility to reorder custom fields
  • updated italian translation by Erick Jara from
  • added inline edit capability for admins to frontend ticket listing for priority, status, product and type keys
  • fixed a nonce conflict in options page
  • enhanced ticket by email submission to use default values for ticket keys
  • fixed a bug preventing use of special passwords in ticket by email submission

V1.0.57 (13/12/2012)

  • enhanced ticket age details in frontend ticket listing
  • fixed a limitation with ticket listing owner filter while no owner has been set
  • modified rules format to allow filtering on all categories
  • added a value for target user list for ticket assignment to allow tickets to be assigned only to admins and users with wats_ticket_ownership capability
  • added an option to reinitialize the frontend submission form elements upon successfull submission
  • added an option to redirect to a success page upon frontend submission form successfull submission
  • added an option to define notification rules for ticket update
  • added Slovak translation (provided by Branco from )
  • added WP 3.5 compatibility

V1.0.56 (28/06/2012)

  • added CSS ID to single ticket page meta keys in the ticket content
  • fixed a bug with source email address on new ticket notifications for admin when the ticket was submitted by email
  • added CSS ID to custom fields in frontend submission form
  • added ticket author meta details (non registered user submission) to single ticket display page
  • removed ticket number from notifications when ticket numbering is disabled
  • added CSS class to individual priorities, types, products and status on single ticket page
  • removed current admin user from shared guest user list to prevent inappropriate setting that would prevent further admin access
  • added pagination feature to frontend ticket listing (page selection and number of tickets per page)
  • enhanced last modification date relevance in frontend ticket listing
  • added filter hook for product list before selector display
  • added custom field management for drop down selectors in addition to input fields
  • added flag to bypass input verification (only to be used with Chinese characters)
  • enhanced ticket update notification handling to avoid multiple notifications for same email and notification of current updater of own update
  • modified owner output to user nickname rather than login
  • added ticket owner to notification cycle for ticket update
  • modified username in notifications to use nickname rather than firstname
  • added ticket number to new ticket notification title
  • added an option to hide empty ticket listing below the authentication form in the frontend ticket listing page
  • added an option page to directly assist with WATS setup and troubleshooting in case of problems
  • added an option to turn user drop down selector into text input with auto complete (usefull for large user list)
  • added Belarussian translation (provided by Alex from )
  • added jQuery hook after frontend submission form submission to allow custom JS code to be fired after that
  • added Romanian translation (provided by Alex from )
  • fixed an interworking problem with qTranslate in frontend ticket listing
  • added ticket age column to frontend ticket listing
  • added Dutch translation (provided by Anita Berghoef from )
  • added capability to edit custom field entries
  • added closure date column to frontend ticket listing together with closure date background management
  • added Hindi translation (provided by Outshine Solutions from )
  • modified password field type for ticket submission by email option to be password rather than text
  • added category filter to rules notification
  • added WP 3.4 compatibility

V1.0.55 (14/08/2011)

  • added last modification table column to the frontend ticket listing
  • fixed a bug with ticket assignment in the frontend submission form
  • added an option to allow notification of per ticket specific mailing list for ticket updates
  • added an option to define which columns are active in the frontend ticket listing
  • added filter hooks for ticket notification subject title
  • added an option to allow user to view and update tickets raised by any user from the same company
  • fixed a bug with admin notification when using WP release below WP 3.1
  • added an option to allow admins to submit internal comments/updates for ticket that can only be viewed by admins
  • added custom field management options for tickets
  • fixed a bug with ticket numbering causing duplicate ticket number
  • added action hook fired after ticket metas save
  • enhanced options page organization (split options per families)
  • added CSS class and div wrapper for frontend update form ticket keys
  • added an option to define default query for frontend ticket listing
  • modified frontend ticket listing query to be sorted by DESC post creation date (rather than ASC)
  • added CSS id for all form elements in frontend ticket listing
  • added Polish translation (prodived by Eryk Lewandowski from )
  • fixed a bug preventing comment on regular posts for non-admin users
  • fixed a bug with WATS shortcode insertion conflict in admin
  • added an authentication form to the single ticket page when the user isn’t logged in while only registered users can view the ticket
  • added an authentication form to the frontend ticket listing page when the user isn’t logged in while only registered users can view the tickets
  • added an option to allow admins to prevent mail notification from being fired on some updates
  • modified ticket edition page message for draft mode to remind user to submit ticket once edition is completed
  • added last modification author table column to the frontend ticket listing
  • added WP 3.2 compatibility
  • updated Italian translation (provided by Roberto Scano from )
  • added filter hook to allow frontend submission form code modification
  • modified template selector to allow active theme selection or WATS custom template
  • added html label to all ticket metas to enable further CSS customization
  • added user_email to list of user meta key column for frontend ticket listing table
  • added action hook after frontend submission of new ticket
  • added action hooks for user to company mapping add, modification and removal
  • modified the_title hook format to workaround misformated call in 3rd party themes/plugins
  • fixed a bug with custom post type permalink structure handling on Windows server
  • added call center ticket creation (author selection) to frontend submission form

V1.0.54 (19/03/2011)

  • removed use of deprecated user_level attribute, get_usermeta function (minimum release is now WP 3.0)
  • added an option to set roles allowed to assign tickets
  • added an option to set roles allowed to view global stats on the dashboard
  • fixed a bug causing duplicate meta values to be inserted for tickets metas
  • fixed a bug preventing category filtering on ticket edition page
  • fixed a bug preventing owner assignation on frontend ticket submission page
  • fixed a bug causing invalid template usage for page on WP 3.0
  • added an option to allow notification source address to be set to current user email address
  • added a div with a class for the category selector on the frontend submission form
  • added Italian translation (prodived by Alessandro Pagano from )
  • modified ticket update (comment) template to prevent new update when ticket is closed (unless the user is an administrator)
  • fixed a bug preventing preview of draft posts
  • added filters hooks to allow notifications content modification
  • fixed IE rendering problem in login form (frontend submission page)
  • added an option to prevent regular users (non admins) from modifying their profile email
  • added a profile option to set user account expiration date (account is locked after expiration date)
  • added tickets in pending status to frontend ticket listing for administrators
  • added an optionnal ticket key for products (admin can define products and tickets can then be associated to a product)
  • added a country selector in the user profile page (only admin can set it)
  • modified ticket update notification option for all tickets to apply only to administrators instead of all users to avoid unwanted email flood
  • added non registered users to notification cycle for updates on tickets originated by them
  • removed ticket update notification for trashed tickets
  • added an option to define which keys are active (status, priority, type and product)
  • modified frontend script loading to be performed only on pages having a WATS shortcode from the wp_footer (rather than wp_head on all pages)
  • modified frontend css loading to be performed only on pages having a WATS shortcode
  • fixed creation date sorting problem in the ticket listing table
  • modified ticket submission by mail server name parser format to allow specific prefix
  • modified permalinks to take into consideration pending tickets
  • fixed a bug with submission by email new ticket admin notification permalink format
  • added a company option to allow admins to define a company meta_key and then associate a meta_value for each user
  • added a company management page (to define companies and associate these with users)
  • added a profile company option (filled with companies entered in the company management page)
  • fixed a bug with notification rule addition index
  • added product, company and country selectors to notification rules
  • added a company selector for ticket author on ticket creation/edition page in the admin to allow user filtering by company
  • added an optionnal SLA profile option (SLA can be defined in the options page and assigned in the profile and company pages)
  • fixed sidebar on single ticket page in Twenty Ten (default theme)
  • added an optionnal capability “wats_ticket_read_only” that can be assigned to users to allow them to browse other users tickets when ticket visibility is set to admin and author only
  • added an XML (excel) export feature for ticket listing in the frontend
  • fixed a bug with inline ticket edit that would add the ticket number in front of title thus resulting in duplicate number display after edition end
  • fixed a bug with invalid category filtering on frontend ticket listing page
  • modified frontend ticket listing to hide owner column when ticket assignation isn’t enabled
  • added WP 3.1 compatibility

V1.0.53 (07/10/2010)

  • fixed a bug with ticket listing table formatting when ticket numbering isn’t active
  • added compatibility for WP 3.0, 3.0.1
  • fixed a bug inducing a php warning when no category is associated to ticket listing post
  • enhanced title formatting on single ticket page in the frontend
  • fixed a race condition with jQuery Editable plugin
  • fixed a bug inducing javascript error with jQuery Editable plugin
  • added category selector to frontend ticket submission form
  • added Russian translation (prodived by Alexey from )
  • added Indonesian translation (provided by Rizal Fauzie from )
  • added an option to select the ticket default type, priority and status that will then be selected by default in the ticket creation page (admin and frontend submission form)
  • added an option to define specific notification list upon new ticket opening based on ticket priority, type and status
  • enhanced details provided in new ticket notification mail
  • modified ticket update notification to not include admin link if the user level is subscriber
  • fixed a bug enforcing comments to be opened for all post type

V1.0.52 (13/06/2010)

  • added an option to select the ticket closed status (to allow bypassing of autodetection)
  • modified checks for ticket status, priority, type and category edition in the options page
  • modified checks for ticket title and content on the frontend submission form
  • added a filter operator for statuses on the ticket listing page
  • modified notifications for “my tickets” updates, now notifications are sent out to ticket originator and users who updated the ticket (through comments)
  • added an option to make local user profile notifications settings optionnal and leave precedence to global notifications settings only

V1.0.51 (12/05/2010)

  • added CSS class to ticket details items on frontend ticket submission page
  • fixed a bug where a notification would be fired for all post type comments instead of only being fired for tickets
  • modified meta_value selector in the ticket listing page to be sorted by alphabetical order
  • modified thickbox loading to fix an interworking problem with gravity forms plugin
  • fixed a bug preventing admin edit ticket link from being inserted into the new ticket admin notification when an unauthenticated user submits a ticket through the frontend form
  • added login form to the ticket submission form if user isn’t authenticated and authentication is mandatory to access it
  • enhanced handling of update forms selectors when no value is provided so that existing values aren’t removed

V1.0.50 (24/03/2010)

  • fixed a bug preventing ticket number from being displayed in ticket title (wptexturize issue)
  • enhanced menuitem icon rendering
  • added lithuanian translation (provided by Arturas from )

V1.0.49 (09/03/2010)

  • added support for WP 2.9.2
  • added support for username not formatted as an email address for the ticket submission through email options
  • added spanish translation (provided by Esteban from )

V1.0.48 (14/02/2010)

  • fixed a bug with RSS comment feeds showing ticket comments while they shouldn’t

V1.0.47 (12/02/2010)

  • fixed a bug with previous and next links on single ticket page in WP 2.9
  • added “/” as valid character for ticket description text area in the frontend submit form

V1.0.46 (08/02/2010)

  • modified default value for notification signature
  • fixed frontend submit form error when description contains carriage return
  • enhanced success message on frontend submit form based on ticket numbering setting

V1.0.45 (04/02/2010)

  • enhanced options page design to improve admin experience
  • fixed a bug with number of comments for tickets in ticket edit page (admin)
  • added “?”, “!” and “:” as valid charaters for inputs

V1.0.44 (29/01/2010)

  • enhanced Ajax submission handling by disabling buttons on submit to prevent double submission errors
  • added feature to allow ticket submission by email

V1.0.43 (27/01/2010)

  • added ticket submission form feature in the frontend
  • removed unused code (wats-ticket-list-ajax-processing.php)

V1.0.42 (24/01/2010)

  • added a check to prevent notifications from being delivered to pending users (register plus compatibility)
  • added persian characters support
  • added an option to sort user selectors by meta keys values
  • modified user selector format check to allow “:” char to be inserted
  • modified selectors width to match max width of elements (IE)
  • moved ticket details meta box from sidebar to main content on the ticket creation and edition pages

V1.0.41 (14/01/2010)

  • fixed a bug preventing right ticket author from being selected in the ticket edition page
  • fixed a bug with invalid ticket counters on ticket listing page in the admin
  • added value “None” to ticket owner selector filter on ticket listing (frontend)

V1.0.40 (12/01/2010)

  • sorted all users selectors by user last_name
  • enhanced details related to guest user setting to minimize error risks
  • modified style of ticket title column in ticket edit page to get a fixed width of 200px (admin side)
  • added default notifications flags for newly registered users

V1.0.39 (05/01/2010)

  • fixed an issue with user profile options save in WP 2.9
  • fixed a bug with upload_files capability granting (can now only be modified for roles without upload_files capability by default)
  • added support for WP 2.9.1

V1.0.38 (30/12/2009)

  • added arabic characters support
  • added support for WP 2.9

V1.0.37 (17/12/2009)

  • fixed a bug with post author save

V1.0.36 (15/12/2009)

  • fixed a bug with post edit link under archives pages if post type is “ticket”
  • removed empty ticket author label on ticket creation page for non admin users
  • added an option under the user profile to grant or remove upload files capability for any user
  • added an option to set email signature of notifications sent by the system to users
  • modified default ticket creator (call center feature) to current user
  • enhanced ticket update notification emails to include status, priority, type and owner changes

V1.0.35 (09/12/2009)

  • added an option to allow admins to filter tickets on ticket listing table page through an additionnal selector based on user meta value
  • added an option to allow admins to get an additionnal column in the ticket listing table filled in with selected meta key meta values
  • fixed a bug with user format in formatted user list when a user meta is used at the beginning of the format string

V1.0.34 (04/12/2009)

  • fixed a bug with ticket listing filtering when ticket owner is “any”
  • added ticket author selector filter for ticket listing table
  • enhanced ticket visibility option scope to impact owner and author selectors filters for ticket listing table

V1.0.33 (03/12/2009)

  • fixed an issue with admin side edit ticket url encoding on mail notifications
  • added an option to allow admins to create tickets on behalf of any user
  • added an option to set the format of user selector
  • modified all user selectors to work with the format option (owner selector on single ticket page, ticket list owner selector, create/edit ticket owner selector, guest user selector)
  • added originator selector on ticket creation/edition page for admins

V1.0.32 (02/12/2009)

  • added a global option for notification of updates on all tickets (wats options page)
  • added a global option for notification of updates on user own tickets (wats options page)
  • added a profile option for notification of new ticket submissions (user profile page, can only be set by admins)
  • added a profile option for notification of updates on all tickets (user profile page, can only be set by admins)
  • added a profile option for notification of updates on user own tickets (user profile page, can only be set by admins)

V1.0.31 (28/11/2009)

  • added wats_ticket_ownership capability which can be granted individually under user profile by admins
  • added an option to restrict user list for ticket assignation

V1.0.30 (26/11/2009)

  • added an option to allow media upload on ticket creation and edition pages
  • added an option to allow media library browsing and selection on ticket creation and edition pages

V1.0.29 (18/11/2009)

  • modified all ajax calls to match WP guidelines (removed wp-config inclusion, used admin-ajax in the frontend)
  • modified statistics dashboard widget visibility option to apply only to global stats (all users can now view their own stats)

V1.0.28 (09/11/2009)

  • added an option for statistics dashboard widget visibility

V1.0.27 (04/11/2009)

  • added inline help to items in the options page

V1.0.26 (29/10/2009)

  • fixed a bug preventing single-ticket.php template from being overriden
  • translated comment-tickets.php items that were in french by default

V1.0.25 (27/10/2009)

  • added Czech characters support
  • added an option to allow tickets tagging during ticket creation and edition
  • added an option to allow custom fields association to tickets during ticket creation and edition

V1.0.24 (10/10/2009)

  • improved robustness to fix a conflict between WATS and others plugins using jQuery
  • modified recent comments dashboard widget so that non admin users can only view their own tickets comments (as per ticket visibility option)
  • added an option to block access to comments edition menuitem and comments edition page for users without moderate_comments capability (so that they can’t view updates on others users tickets)

V1.0.23 (26/09/2009)

  • added frontend widget for ticket statistics (code provided by Tobias Kalleder from )
  • modified ticket listing filtering in the admin tickets table so that non admin users can only view their own tickets (as per ticket visibility option)
  • added german translation (provided by Tobias Kalleder from )
  • fixed few translations items

V1.0.22 (25/09/2009)

  • modified single ticket display template to include ticket originator details
  • modified ticket edit template in the admin to include ticket originator details
  • modified creation date format to allow proper sorting in the ticket listing table

V1.0.21 (10/09/2009)

  • added tickets listing table sort feature

V1.0.20 (09/09/2009)

  • fixed a bug preventing contributor level users from submitting/editing tickets

V1.0.19 (08/09/2009)

  • fixed another redirection loop encountered on some sites (using IIS) while guest user is trying to log into the admin

V1.0.18 (04/09/2009)

  • added admin email notification option upon new ticket submission

V1.0.17 (03/09/2009)

  • fixed a redirection loop encountered on some sites while guest user is trying to log into the admin

V1.0.16 (30/08/2009)

  • added ticket filtering feature to the ticket list (works through Ajax, JS support required).

V1.0.15 (29/08/2009)

  • added ticket ownership feature. Tickets can now be assigned to users in the frontend and the backend.

V1.0.14 (26/08/2009)

  • fixed a bug where ticket metas would be generated for all post types (post, page and ticket) instead of only ticket

V1.0.13 (24/08/2009)

  • modified single ticket template to include sidebar

V1.0.12 (18/08/2009)

  • added an option to filter ticket visibility on frontend based on user privileges

V1.0.11 (12/08/2009)

  • fixed few translations items

V1.0.10 (29/07/2009)

  • fixed jQuery checked selector issue on Firefox
  • improved editable support on the options page

V1.0.9 (23/07/2009)

  • modified readme file structure to support WP repository changelog feature
  • fixed duplicate admin footer on edit ticket page
  • added screenshots to the plugin archive
  • fixed few translations items

V1.0.8 (12/07/2009)

  • fixed a bug with new category not showing up on wats options page dropdown list of categories
  • fixed admin page registration code to be compatible with WP 2.8.1 security enforcements
  • removed unused code (wats-edit-form.php)

V1.0.7 (06/07/2009)

  • fixed a bug preventing single post/ticket display
  • fixed a bug preventing comment template display
  • optimized template redirect
  • improved css table display when there is no entry

V1.0.6 (06/07/2009)

  • fixed a bug with non working guest user access (redirection loop) when WP isn’t installed in a subdirectory

V1.0.5 (26/06/2009)

  • modified the code to allow WP 2.7.1 compatibility
  • fixed query filtering logic for display of tickets together with posts in home, categories and archives
  • added robustness to prevent subscriber level user from being set as the guest user as it doesn’t have the minimum capabilities

V1.0.4 (23/06/2009)

  • added ticket listing functionnality
  • removed broken inline ticket edit under the admin bulk ticket edit page
  • fixed html table tag issue problem under the options panel in the admin

V1.0.3 (21/06/2009)

  • fixed admin footer showing twice on edit ticket and new ticket pages

V1.0.2 (19/06/2009)

  • fixed css for bullets in the dashboard meta box under FF
  • added robustness to prevent php error when no category filter has been set under the options
  • fixed handling of the previous/next links of the ticket to prevent page link display

V1.0.1 (17/06/2009)

  • added an option to display (or not) tickets together with posts on home
  • fixed a bug with archives not displaying tickets when only tickets are present

V1.0 (15/06/2009)

  • Initial release