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About eCommerce Bots & RPAs

All-in-one CX Automation Solution | 50+ Bots | 5+ Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Playbooks | Create Custom Bots | Enhanced eCommerce with Acquisition Bots, Lead Generation Bot, Product Discovery Bot, Upsell Bot, Cart Abandonment Bot & many more.

Low-Code. Rapid Deployment. Automation. Cost Saving. Fast ROI.

tapCLIQ is an AI-based CX automation platform including Front-office RPAs. We convert feedback & messages into conversations, connect them with action automatically, learns intent & automate engagement processes.

tapCLIQ is the first INTENT-driven CX automation platform. We have pioneered Interactive message technology that generates 1st party customer INTENT data at scale and powers the platform.

tapCLIQ is an Enterprise-grade automation tool enabling SMB and Enterprise eCommerce businesses.

Release 2.3 – Updates / June 2020
– All Shopify themes & versions are supported
– Enhanced Lead generation bot – enabling user to input text along with images
– Additional sizes for mobile – 468×60 and 160×600

Most used Bots
1 Product Discovery Bot
AUTOMATE & PERSONALIZE product discovery journey for all visitors

2 Fumble Assistant Bot
Help confused users who got lost while browsing products by giving them contextual and personalized suggestions & bring them back into buying funnel

3 Cart Abandonment & Reminder Bot
Nudge users to add items in cart, checkout cart & reduce cart abandonments

4 Promotions Bot
Enter users to take desired actions with contextual & relevant offers

5 Feedback Bot
Capture user feedback in less than 5 seconds without breaking user’s experience

6 Customer Support Bot
Automates support for FAQs

7 Customer Satisfaction Bot
Capture & improve user sentiment without the need for long forms or convoluted surveys with CSAT Bots

* Improve revenue up to 30%
* 30% increase in product discovery can increase conversions by 14%
* 40% improvement in engagement can result in more customer satisfaction (CSAT) and improve retention by 33%
* Guide users through every step of the buying process
* Guide confused users back into buying funnel
* Cart optimization – Reminder, Nudge to checkout, reduce abandonment
* Personalized promotions
* Quick, visual & intelligent feedback
* Automate FAQ & improve productivity of support and reduce TAT (Turnaround Time)

How does it work?
* Download, customize and activate Bots from tapCLIQ Bot Market
* Rapid Deployment Service (RDS) is available for SMB and Enterprise

Integrates with
Emails – Mailchimp, Enterprise – SAP, Adobe – Salesforce, DMPs – Lotame – Krux, Google and many more
Learn more at

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Q – What are MAUs and how are they counted?
A – MAU is an acronym for Monthly Active Users. When a bot is displayed to a user at least once in a month he / she is considered as an active user. So, MAU corresponds to number of unique users to whom bot is displayed in a calendar month.

Q – How is an impression counted?
A – A tapCLIQ bot can have one or multiple interactive units (a chain of interactive units) that help user in completion of a task (e.g., product discovery, purchase, support etc.). Everytime an interactive unit is displayed, it counts as 1 impression.

Q – What if my MAU or Bot Impressions reaches its limits?
A – You will be charged separately with additional MAU as per your plan.
Approximately it will be $10 – 1000 MAU – 4000 Bot Impressions

Q – What is tapCLIQ Bot Market?
A – tapCLIQ bot market is online marketplace where we have build Playbooks according to various journeys, for every Playbook we have created Customizable Bots which can be downloaded and customized as per your requirement

Q – Getting Started
A – I just installed tapCLIQ. what should I do next? / Creating an account
* Free Signup / Login
* Open:
* Click on signup for new registration
* Enter email and create password
* Check your registered email account – Confirm your email
* You will be taken back to login page
* Enter login details to get started!

Q – Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
A – Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime. When you upgrade your plan, any unused impressions for that month will be carry forwarded to the new plan. Whereas if you have any overages, they will be adjusted with impressions of the new plan.

Q – How does the 14-days free trial work?
A – After you sign up, you get access to all features for 30 days for free. Trial includes 3000 MAUs (10,000 impressions). No credit card is required to start your trial, so you can try tapcliq with no strings attached.

Q – What happens at the end of 14-days trial?
A – You create your own plan and pay by credit card, by clicking on “Upgrade plan”. tapCLIQ plans are available on monthly / yearly basis. Your trial will become your permanent tapCLIQ account (all of your campaigns, customizations and data remain intact).

For more details, contact us:

To create Interactive Messages

1.Select Research units under campaigns from left hand side panel and click on Create Research units Campaign
2.Enter campaign Information & attach message like
a.Campaign Name : Campaign name for your reference.
b.Select if you are creating a campaign as a brand under advertiser or running a house campaign on your website as a developer / publisher.
c.Website/Brand: If you are a publisher and wish to run a campaign in one of your websites, select website in which you want to run this campaign. Whereas if you are an advertiser, select a brand for which you are creating this campaign.
d.Ad display time : Select the duration (in seconds) for which to display each question in your campaign
e.Start & End date : DateSelect start and end dates for your campaign – Your campaign will run during those days
f.Content Category: Choose content category of your campaign.
g.Campaign tags : tags pertaining to your campaign e.g., if you have a women’s clothing campaign, you can specify “clothing”, “shopping”, “Feedback”, “Rating” etc.
h.Impression & Click tracking URL : If you are using a 3rd party campaign tracking mechanism you can specify their impression & click tracking URLs.
3.Campaign Design
a.Ad type / Ad Layout : Select campaign size and layout (Ad Size and Ad layout) along with logo and theme for the Question.
NOTE: Based on selection of your ad size, available layout options will differ

b.Campaign logo (optional) : If selected it will appear as 40 x 40 pixel on left hand side of your campaign.
c.Theme : Choose tapCLIQ’s default theme or create your own – you can specify i) Question Color, ii) Answer Color and iii) The background color or image.

4.Enter one or more questions with relevant options
a.For each question you can choose between i) Text based options (rectangular buttons with option text).
b.Along with capturing user’s response if you wish to redirect the user to a relevant web link in an in-app web view, you can link each or any answer option to a valid web URL (by specifying it in corresponding link/tag). This is optional
c.Question Tags : tags pertaining to the current question (optional). Helps in sending question to right users.
d.Select questions from the list that you wish to include in the campaign.
5.Campaign Budget – Specify Total Budget, Daily Budget and desired number of total impressions. This helps in controlling your frequency of your campaign’s distribution.
6.Campaign Targeting – Set target audience of your campaign
a.Start and End dates : Dates between which you want to run your campaign
b.Day Parting (hours): Hours during the day you would prefer to run this campaign
c.Tags : Along with campaign tags added in step 1 you can specify various targeting tags for e.g., if you are targeting women who like tops, you can specify tags like “women”, “tops” etc.
d.Device : Select the type of device on which you want to run your campaign.
NOTE: If this campaign is for a particular app, application’s device capability supersedes device targeting.

e.Platform : Choose the platform on which you wish to run your campaign ( iOS, Android, Web ). This option is only available to advertisers.
f.Apps : Choose particular apps in which to run your campaign (Available only to advertisers of enterprise ad network)
g.Ad / Engagement Units: Units available for targeting will depend on app / website you have selected in above step.
h.Segment Groups : Use our smart analytics to create and target specific group of users (e.g., Users belonging to top 5 locations OR users who have given a certain answer to certain questions OR users with specific interest tags)
i.Location : Target by Country, by Zip codes, by DMAs and by specific locations with Geo Fence.


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