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To achieve the maximum conversion and website optimization level, you need to analyze many vital statistics. For example, it’s necessary to know traffic sources, scroll depth, understand which website elements users click the most often, and monitor usability. Then, you can develop an action plan to increase conversion based on this information. You will find more examples of using Plerdy in Use Cases

Website Optimization from Plerdy

Plerdy collects data to grow conversion. Users get access to tools for website optimization. They can track how users interact with the website in real-time to detect any bottlenecks. Plerdy’s script takes only 30-40 seconds to add and doesn’t slow down websites.

The functionality of this service includes many website optimization components: Website heatmap tools, Session recordings, Pop-up forms, NPS forms, SEO-checker, and others.

Website Heatmap – Usability Website Optimization

A click heatmap is a tool that shows how users behave when they visit a web page. This data reflects the most often clicked elements, scroll depth, popular page parts, and click sequence.
What makes Plerdy Heatmap unique:
* Clicks are collected with 99% accuracy.
* Data is transferred to your dashboard in real-time and immediately becomes available for analysis.
* Information on clicks is displayed directly on your website.
* The script filters out insignificant clicks (e.g., clicks on blind zones).

Pop-Up Forms – Conversion Optimization

It’s an excellent tool to generate more leads, grow a contact base, and inform users about special offers or other events. Most importantly, you don’t need the help of developers to add a smart form to your website.
Plerdy Smart Forms:
* More than 30 configuration rules to place the right pop-up
* Opportunity to add a YouTube video, images, GIF animation
* Impressions can be customized based on a traffic channel (mobile and PC users)
* Display calendar can show smart pop-ups on specific days

SEO Checker – SEO Optimization

A website’s position in search results depends on dozens of SEO indicators. Plerdy doesn’t only monitor current indicators but also compares them with the previous data. Thanks to this, you can track how SEO indicators change over time.
Plerdy SEO Alerts:
* Perform SEO audit and analyze web page semantics. The tool analyzes description, title, H1, the number of javascript files, H tags, “a” with “#” in href, style attributes in tags and body, and various other parameters
* Automatically scans robots.txt files
* Process pages with noindex tag
Without such an analysis, you cannot understand why your website is so far from TOP search results. This is because the website will be less visited, and the sales volume will stay the same.

Session Replay – Usability Website Optimization

Session replay software is a user behavior analytics tool that records what people do on a website. You can see how visitors navigate and replay their critical decisions to notice every move and action with such videos.
Session Recordings:
* Record only specific pages based on settings
* Show the real behavior of users in the video format
* Replay separate sessions, pause, and fast-forward them
* Capture videos of user behavior both on mobile and desktop devices
* Segment millions of user sessions by custom parameters
* Skip pauses to let you focus on crucial moments
This Plerdy’s feature provides the most realistic picture of your customers’ conversion path. It helps enhance customer experience and support through website optimization.

Event Tracking – Conversion Optimization

Create events to see how people interact with forms, videos, images, menus, buttons, Ajax content, scroll bars, and other website elements. You can configure a separate event for every critical type of user interaction.

Ecommerce Sales Performance – Usability Website Optimization

Use the Sales Performance feature to estimate your website’s revenue during the selected period. The reports show which website elements are the most profitable and ineffective. As a result, you can run usability website optimization.

Conversion Funnel Optimization

With the Conversion Funnel tool, you find the correlation between user activity and the conversion path stages. Convenient visualizations show how buyers’ behavior changes as they progress through the funnel. You see what steps people follow, what stages they ignore, and when they drop off.

Website Feedback Tools

This a unique opportunity to communicate with leads and collect their feedback. Add it to your website to collect responses and automatically apply the loyalty index (like NPS®). No coding skills to implement it are needed. Also, you can create survey customer satisfaction score (CSAT) and customer effort score (CES)

Macro Conversion

See data on the most crucial actions users have completed on your web resource, like orders, subscriptions, form submissions, etc. You select the page URL and period to view the related activity. You can track how the rates change during compared periods for website optimization.


Hundreds of professionals have already used Plerdy for website optimization. They share their experience in AppSumo and G2 reviews:

“When your team designs a new landing page, you need to ensure maximum conversions. Especially if you send paid traffic to it, Plerdy has all the necessary tools for such conversion rate optimization (BizGrow).”

“Plerdy is a great value for money. It’s less expensive than Hotjar and has all the necessary features for my website optimization (danijel58).”

“You no longer need to guess why the conversion rates are poor. Plerdy gives a clear view of user activity helping anyone from small startups to enterprises make smart decisions (Kerem C).”

“It’s my secret weapon to understanding customer behavior on a website. It has heatmaps, session recordings, SEO audits, forms analytics and popups, funnels tracking, etc. As a result, you can optimize a website to enhance UX and improve the CTR of any online store (Borislav K).

“I find this tool for heatmaps and screen recordings work much better than the one I used before. I also like the fact that it integrates with the Google Search console (Sean_LeadScrape).”

“Plerdy is better than Hotjar since instead of focusing on how a single person uses the entire website, it captures individual pages. Thanks to this, you can optimize template pages (e.g., landing or product pages) (narekzograbian).



  1. Install Plerdy Heatmap through the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Sign into your Plerdy account and copy your [tracking script].
  3. Click the Plerdy Heatmap tab in the left admin menu.
  4. Paste your tracking script in the provided field and click Save Changes.


Why doesn’t Plerdy slow down websites?

We optimized our Plerdy website optimization platform with CDN ultra-fast dynamic and static content delivery via a global edge network. We also enabled HTTP/3 to accelerate HTTP requests through QUIC, which offers better encryption and performance than TCP and TLS. As a result, Plerdy installation benefits your web analytics without harming website speed.

How much does it cost?

Plerdy has a forever-free plan. If you need to process more data, opt for the Start ($23/month), Business ($47), or Premium ($79) plan with advanced features. Learn more about Plerdy pricing here.

How to analyze user behavior?

Connect Plerdy to your website and start collecting data. Heatmaps, screen recordings, events, and other features have been used to analyze user behavior by,,,,,,, and others in case studies


October 27, 2021
Excellent tool for UX analysis, heat maps and SEO tester. It has no bugs and the reports are complete. The support is also very attentive.
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