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PublishPress Series allows you to collect WordPress content together into a series. This is ideal for magazines, newspapers, short-story writers, teachers, comic artists, or anyone who writes multiple posts on the same topic.

When you’re writing a post, you can easily add a post to an existing series, or start a new series. You can also add a new post into the middle of an existing series, and the plugin will adjust the order.

It’s easy to keep track of what posts have been added to a series. You can also filter the post list by series giving you a quick way to see all the posts you’ve already added to the series.

Right out-of-the-box, the Series meta box will be automatically added to posts that are a part of a series. You can modify how this meta box appears using the template for it in the Series Options screen.

Add, delete, edit all your series on one handy page. You can also upload/select images to associate with the series. PublishPress Series makes it easy to keep track of all the series you are writing!

Series Pro
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PublishPress Series integrates with the WordPress taxonomy system

Included with WordPress out of the box are two taxonomies – “categories” and “tags”. Publishpress Series introduces a new taxonomy “series”. Thanks to the rich API provided to plugin authors by WordPress, Publishpress Series takes advantage of (as much as possible) the built-in WP goodness! As an added bonus – plugin developers can expand on what Publishpress Series offers by interacting with the new series taxonomy and the built-in filters and hooks.

PublishPress Series works out of the box

Once you’ve activated the plugin, all you have to do is visit the Series Options page and then you’re ready to go (you don’t have to change/or add anything!). Out of the box, Publishpress Series defaults to automatically insert into your blog all the necessary “template tags” for displaying series related information.

Complete options page for easy customization

Nearly everything you might want to customize with Publishpress Series can be done on the Series > Options page:

  • Control placement of series related info (Series Meta, Series Table of Contents, Series Postlist boxes, Series Navigation Strip, etc.)
  • Customize the HTML output or series related info by using the %token% system with a token legend right on the page.
  • Control what the path of your “series table of contents” link will be.
  • Control how posts in a series will be displayed on series archive pages. The default is by date in descending order (newest to oldest) – but you can order it by part too.
  • Set the icon width for images associated with series for different pages.

Many template tags for theme authors and WordPress coders

If you like going into your theme files, you’ll love the “template tags” that PublishPress Series makes available for you! All the template tags you’ll ever need are found in the series-template-tags.php file in your Publishpress Series plugin directory. Each tag is also fully documented inline so you can have a better idea what it does!

You can also edit the default .css file for orgSeries OR point to your custom .css in styles.css for your theme.

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Bug Reports

Bug reports for PublishPress Series are welcomed in our repository on GitHub. Please note that GitHub is not a support forum, and that issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.

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  • When you're writing a post, you can easily add a post to an existing series, or start a new series.

  • Integration with the Posts List table - it's easy to keep track of what posts have been added to a series.

  • Right out-of-the-box, the Series meta box will be automatically added to posts that are a part of a series.

  • Add, delete, edit all your series on one handy dandy page. You can also upload/select images to associate with the series.

  • This feature is in the Pro version of PublishPress Series and it allows you to use the plugin with any WordPress post type.

  • The Pro version of PublishPress Series provides a set of WordPress “shortcodes” that provide users a way to easily insert various series information into their posts.

  • This feature is in the Pro version of PublishPress Series and it brings the capability of adding a post to more than one series.

  • The Pro version provides additional tokens to use in the series options page for customizing various series templates.

  • The PublishPress Series core plugin groups posts together in series. The Pro version gives the ability to put series together in groups.

  • The Pro version of Series enables easy bulk publishing of all posts in a series at once.



  • Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select ‘Add New’;
  • Search for ‘PublishPress Series’;
  • Activate PublishPress Series from your Plugins page.


  • Upload the ‘organize-series’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory;
  • Activate the PublishPress Series plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;


What does PublishPress Series do?

It makes it easier for you to write a series of posts on your blog/website and have them automatically linked together. One of the best ways to build an audience on your blog/website is to write short posts about the same subject over a period of time rather than one long post. There are numerous SEO benefits to this as well. PublishPress Series takes the hassle out of managing the serial posts and you can just focus on writing. Another way of saying this is, PublishPress Series takes the work out of organizing series so that you write more and your readers can EASILY follow along.

Can I customize the archive page for series?

You sure can! Create a file called taxonomy-series.php and copy the code from your themes archive.php file and use that as the basis for building out how the series archive page looks. You’ll also want to take a look at all the template tags you can use for series in the orgSeries-template-tags.php file.

Can I customize the archive page for a single series??

Yes. Create a file named taxonomy-series-{series-slug}.php file and replace {series-slug} with the slug of your series and you’ll be good to go!

Can I create a page that lists all the series available?

Yes, you can In the organize-series folder you’ll see a file called seriestoc.php. It’s what gets loaded when you go to your series toc url (defaults at \series-toc\ but you can change this on the series options page). Chances are though it doesn’t look great with your theme (the file included just gives you an idea of what you can put in the file). What you want to do is copy this file to your theme folder and then modify it to match your theme structure (see your themes archive page for an example). You don’t need to put any of the WordPress loop code in this file.


October 21, 2020
It looks like abandoned project. Please remove it from WordPress repository.
December 21, 2018
PHP 7.2 / MySQL 5.6 I hope it hasn't been abandoned, though, as the compatibility statement hasn't been updated, yet.
November 16, 2018
I own a site and regularly blog on another that gets quite a bit of traffic. Organize Series is on both of these sites and is easy to use. Not only that, its creator provides helpful interaction when needed. Great plug-in. Thank you!
May 25, 2018
I do appreciate this plugin, honestly. But it requires a version of PHP that my host does not support. And WordPress recommended updating to the plugin's current 2.5.10 version. Thus my series disappeared, because I don't have PHP 5.6+. Just took me an hour to regress to plugin v2.5.2 for compatibility. Circle jerk. Plugin will blame WordPress; WordPress will blame plugin. Point is The User should have choices and an easy way to undue something that doesn't even work with the user's environment. TL;DR: don't recommend "a new version" of software that doesn't run on the server to begin with. Figure it out, devs.
April 10, 2018
We use this plugin to serialize our Archives (assigning a series to each individual family member). We have been using this plugin for about 8 or 9 years now (since 2009?) and, it has been consistently improved and updated and supported over that span of time. The author Darren is a wonderful developer and, he is honest and helpful at all times. The add-ons for grouping sets of series and for assigning Posts to several series (called Multiples) are game changers. We've also been using the plugin with the new Gutenberg Editor and, it is compatible with Gutenberg.
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v2.6.3- 2021-09-29
* Fixed: Fix “invalid_taxonomy” WP_Error #88
* Fixed: Append to series on action Scheduled to Published #83
* Fixed: Fix “Only variable references should be returned by reference” #89
* Fixed: Edit Series screen has bold text over-run #225
* Fixed: More clarity on “Templates” tab #226
* Fixed: Template previous button arrows are in the wrong direction and not saving #233
* Fixed: Show the ID in Manage Series #237
* Fixed: Metabox is not entirely clear with Multiple Series #229
* Fixed: Larger boxes for Templates area #236
* Feature: Allow “Table of Contents” widget to show a specified series #234
* Added: Add a review request #210
* Added: Include Italian translation #253
* Fixed: Series Grouping using categories #216

v2.6.2- 2021-09-07
* Fixed: Yoast SEO issue #206
* Fixed: Move “Reset options” to uninstall tab #208
* Fixed: Improve settings option labels #205
* Fixed: 2.6.1 is causing a JavaScript error in core #213
* Fixed: Can’t add icon/image to a series #187

v2.6.1- 2021-09-02
* Fixed: More room on settings pages #183
* Fixed: Clean up for icons screen #181
* Fixed: Series page shows “No tags found.” #182
* Fixed: Small design issues in metabox #160
* Fixed: Multiple series list overlays fields #188
* Fixed: Make plugin translatable #186
* Fixed: Quick Edit problem with Multiples #196
* Fixed: Changes to ‘General’ Settings #199
* Fixed: Formatting issues with Latest Series Widget #198

v2.6.0- 2021-08-26
* Updated: New name and remove previous sidebar branding #98
* Fixed: Clean up sidebar box in post editingg screen #99
* Fixed: Fix “Use of undefined constant SERIES_QUERYVAR” error #86
* Fixed: PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null #117
* Fixed: Edit series error #126
* Fixed: Series settings screen cleanup #129
* Fixed: PHP Notice: Undefined index notices on settings update #144
* Fixed: PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null on series single page #147
* Fixed: Improve CSS on frontend #162
* Fixed: Use new Media Library for series icon selection #141
* Fixed: Series TOC Widget improvements #163
* Fixed: Latest Series widget doesn’t load #164
* Added: Package add-ons into Pro version #101
* Added: Add Upgrade banner for Pro version #100
* Added: Add the PublishPress Footer to free version #97

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