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IPQualityScore Fraud Detection


IPQualityScore Fraud Detection and Fraud Prevention Tools identify malicious behavior and fraudulent activity on your site. These features include Proxy & VPN Detection, Email Address Verification, Disposable Email Detection, Device Fingerprinting, & Payment Screening. This plugin can work on any page of your site and also supports scoring WooCommerce transactions to prevent fraudulent orders and even fake submissions with Gravity Forms.

Block bots & users hiding behind proxies, spoofed connections, and invalid email addresses. Automate quality control, prevent frequent abusers, fraudulent orders, and instantly improve your user quality!

Validate Page Hits, Registrations, Logins, Comments, and Transactions

Use the plugin settings to deploy fraud fighting tools on important parts of your WordPress site including all pages or specifically selected pages & posts. Validate page loads, user registrations, logins, and comments by checking if the user is behind a proxy or VPN connection, using an invalid email, or using a disposable email service. Additionally, score transactions through WooCommerce to prevent chargebacks.

Block Proxies & Anonymized Connections

Accurately prevent and block low quality connections that are frequently used by abusers and malicious users. Minimize false-positives so your site’s user experience is not negatively impacted.

Block Bots & Non-Human Traffic

Easily filter bots and non-human traffic which may be causing click fraud, fake account, SPAM, or fraudulent orders. IPQS can filter bots in real-time to only allow real human traffic to your site.

5,000 FREE Lookups Per Month

Perfect for sites and companies of all sizes, all IPQualityScore accounts get 5,000 FREE queries per month to evaluate our service and block fraudulent users.

WooCommerce Order Support

IPQualityScore’s plugin optionally supports WooCommerce transactions to block or flag suspicious orders that are likely to result in a chargeback. Receive a Real-Time Fraud Score for each order based on billing and shipping details, IP reputation, email reputation, device reputation, transaction details, and similar factors which combine into a highly accurate risk profile. Learn more about how we fight and prevent Payment Fraud.

Prevent Fraudulent Behavior & Abuse

  • Fraud Prevention & Fraud Scoring
  • The Most Accurate Proxy Detection Including VPN & Tor Detection
  • Email Address Verification and Disposable Email Detection
  • Device Fingerprinting – Detect Compromised and Spoofed Devices
  • Machine Learning Algorithm Tailored to Your Audience
  • Custom Rules, Whitelisting, & Blacklisting
  • Email Alerts for Fraudulent Actions
  • Supports WooCommerce Transactions
  • Blocks Fake & Fraudulent Orders
  • 5,000 Free Queries Per Month
  • Supports Gravity Forms

Get a Free Account

Protect your site from fraud and abuse, create a free account at or register directly through the plugin!

Third Party Services

This plugin uses Google Charts to display data in graphs, such as lookups, transactions, and score breakdowns.


  • Partial snapshot of over 20 settings available to adjust the strictness and behavior of the plugin’s anti-fraud services. More options are available further down the page to adapt the scoring to your audience.
  • Fraud Score & risk analysis details for WooCommerce orders. WooCommerce integration is optional.


Manual Installation (Use this method only if you are unable to install the plugin via the admin area)

  1. Download the IPQualityScore Fraud Detection plugin zip file.
  2. Unzip and upload the ‘IPQualityScore-Fraud-Detection’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Login with your existing IPQS account credentials or create a new free account directly through the plugin.


How many free lookups can I perform per month?

5,000 free queries per month are available to all users, every month!

Can I customize the way this plugin interacts with my site and users?

Yes, nearly every aspect of this plugin and our API service is adjustable through the plugin settings.

Can I adjust the strictness level for Proxy Detection?

Yes, under the “Global Strictness Setting” you can adjust how strict the Fraud Scoring and Proxy Detection algorithms will grade each request. Level “0” is the most lenient and level “5” is the strictest. Level “1” is recommended.

Does this plugin really block Proxies, Bots, and VPNs?

Yes, IPQS provides the most accurate Proxy & VPN detection service which includes bot detection and compromised devices.

Does this plugin also verify emails and detect disposable email services?

Yes, IPQS can detect the newest disposable and temporary email services as well as invalid emails, such as fake or suspended email addresses with the most common email providers.

What happens if I exceed my free credit limits?

Affordable premium plans that fit any sized site or business are available on our [ plans] page. You can upgrade at any time and upgrades from one premium plan to a larger plan are pro-rated with a discount based on unused credits.

Does this plugin work with WooCommerce?

Yes, this plugin can work with WooCommerce to verify order & transaction quality. WooCommerce integration is optional. Please adjust the plugin settings to enable WooCommerce support.

Will This Plugin Prevent Fake & Fraudulent WooCommerce Orders?

Yes, IPQS will score all of your transaction data and show a quality score for each order. We recommend blocking transactions that have a Fraud Score >= 85, although scores >= 75 are suspicious and should require additional user verification.

Will This Plugin Work With Gravity Forms?

Yes, IPQS will validate email addresses submitted through Gravity Forms as well as other WordPress forms.

Does This Plugin Also Work With Caching Plugins?

Yes, the IPQS fraud prevention plugin will not conflict with caching plugins. You may need to clear your plugin’s cache upon installation or whenever changes are made to the plugin settings.


July 31, 2021
The plugin works decently, but the commercial tricks are an absolute disgrace. I installed it to see how it goes. The first 5,000 login controls per month are free. I though it would indeed control the first 5,000, then stop controlling. Instead, from the 5,000th, the plugin simply refused access to all users, virtually blocking my website. Only the admin account was able to connect to remove the plugin and enable the users back in. That’s not how people is going to pay for it, instead you got a perfect way to get removed from potential consumers.
September 28, 2020
Initially this plugin processes the request after a cache plugin so if you are running a cache plugin, blocked IPs will still get served the page by the cache. I got a message this has been fixed. Excellent customer service from this company.
August 3, 2020
I sent a mass email out to just a small segment of my newly registered free-account subscribers, only to have MailChimp come back and tell me that some of them were invalid. I had questions getting started, I reached out to support and spoke to Dennis. He answered all my questions, and when I told him I wanted something that worked with WordPress so that I didn’t have to customize my 3rd party plugins to be compatible, he gladly shared there was a WordPress plugin already in existence. IPQS has been very easy to work with, and this plugin was very easy to install. Thank you everyone at IPQS. I look forward to a long working relationship with your team.
February 11, 2020
We had the worst issues with users and even lots of fake orders on our woocom site. In just a few clicks we enabled protection and bam, everything is good now. From our experience – it’s a pretty versatile solution and should be able to solve any kind of bad behavior.
November 16, 2019
Been having some issues with bogus users and some chargebacks through WooCommerce. Decided to give this plugin a shot. So far good experience. Lots of settings to customize the plugin and it’s been a huge help in catching the bad users that keep creating new accounts. I’ve also been able to stop most of the chargebacks so that’s a plus too.
April 25, 2019
Our sites been plagued by fake users and bots using completely fake user info. We’ve tried every service and most were able to stop some of the fraud, but this plugin has stopped every bad user. Our team is really happy that they can spend less time reviewing users. Plugin worked great from the start and we even contacted support to clarify a few things and they responded right away.
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Contributors & Developers

“IPQualityScore Fraud Detection” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix bug with API errors causing issues with some logins.


  • Fix bug with login screening.


  • Support category and tag pages for page selection.


  • Improve blocking logic.


  • Improve email validation hook.


  • Bug fixes related to gravity forms.


  • Bug fixes with order scoring.
  • Bug fixes with settings.
  • General bug fixes and enhancements.


  • Improve order scoring.


  • Fix issues with settings not always saving.


  • Fix order bugs


  • Rebuilt Settings Page
  • Fixed Bugs With Reporting Orders
  • Added Options To Order Device Fingerprinting
  • Improved Order Risk Scoring
  • Fixed Misc Performance Bugs and Display Bugs


  • Improved Order Risk Scoring


  • Custom Error Messages
  • Improved Order Risk Scoring


  • Minor Filtering Bugs


  • Fix Bug With Fraud Score Minimum


  • View Order Scoring Fix


  • New Risk Scoring for Transactions & Orders
  • Filter By Fraud Score Fix


  • Filter By Page Bug Fix


  • Gravity Form Bug Fixes
  • Better Error Handling
  • Fix Duplicate Lookups


  • Checkout Bug Fixes


  • Gravity Form Bug Fix


  • Bug Fixes


  • Easier Settings
  • Display Phone Verification & Address Validation


  • Bug fixes.


  • Gravity Forms email verification support.
  • WordPress “is_email()” filter verification support.
  • Bug fixes and speed enhancements.


  • Minor bug fixes and more user settings added.


  • Plugin release, deploy anti-fraud tools directly on your WordPress site or WooCommerce store.