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Disclaimify – Affiliate Disclosure / Disclaimer for WordPress

Disclaimify – Affiliate Disclosure / Disclaimer for WordPress


Introducing Disclaimify, an efficient WordPress plugin designed specifically for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and website owners to easily inform their web visitors about potential compensation when purchasing through affiliate links.

With Disclaimify, you can effortlessly present the disclosure statement across multiple posts simultaneously. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose specific pages or taxonomies where the disclosure statement should be displayed.

This affiliate disclosure plugin offers a range of modern and convenient features for displaying the affiliate disclosure statement. You can hide the disclosure on certain pages/posts/taxonomies, prioritize the display of disclosures, or even showcase them using shortcodes anywhere.

Experience the convenience of Disclaimify as you inform your audience about compensation through affiliate links with ease.

Benefits of Using Disclaimify – WordPress Affiliate Disclosure Plugin

  • Multiple Options to manage disclosure statements in one place.
  • Simple FTC compliance management for your blog postings.
  • With Disclaimify, you can effortlessly inform your readers about affiliate links while maintaining transparency and compliance

Plugin Features

  • Display the disclosure at the start and/or the end of a post content.
  • Show disclosure at post meta start and/or end (Blocksy Theme).
  • Easily customize disclosure content using Gutenberg Editor.
  • Custom Post type support.
  • Show Disclosure on all posts or only on certain posts or only on taxonomies (Category / Tags).
  • Hide Disclosure only on certain posts or taxonomies (Category / Tags).
  • Show Disclosure Based on priority.
  • Shortcode supported

Details of Each Feature about Disclaimify

Display the disclosure at the start and/or the end of a post content: With Disclaimify, you can easily choose to display the disclosure statement at the beginning and/or the end of your post content. This ensures that your audience is informed about affiliate compensation right from the start or after reading the entire post.

Show disclosure at post meta start and/or end (Blocksy Theme): If you are using the Blocksy theme, Disclaimify seamlessly integrates with it, allowing you to display the disclosure statement at the start and/or the end of the post meta section. This provides a clear and visible disclosure for your readers.

Easily customize disclosure content using Gutenberg Editor: Disclaimify makes it effortless to customize the content of your disclosure statement using the Gutenberg Editor. You can easily modify the text, format, and style to match your website’s branding and design.

Custom Post type support: The plugin offers support for custom post types, ensuring that the disclosure statement can be displayed on different types of posts on your WordPress website. This allows you to maintain transparency across all types of content.

Show Disclosure on all posts or only on certain posts or only on taxonomies (Category / Tags): Disclaimify provides flexibility in displaying the disclosure statement. You can choose to show it on all posts, select specific posts where it should be displayed, or even restrict it to certain taxonomies such as categories or tags. This allows you to tailor the disclosure to relevant content and target specific sections of your website.

Hide Disclosure only on certain posts or taxonomies (Category / Tags): In addition to showing the disclosure, Disclaimify also allows you to hide the disclosure on specific posts or taxonomies. This can be useful when you want to exclude certain content from having a disclosure statement displayed.

Show Disclosure Based on priority: If your website has multiple disclosure statements, Disclaimify allows you to set priorities for each one. This ensures that the disclosure statements are displayed in the desired order, providing clear and consistent information to your audience.

Shortcode supported: Disclaimify supports shortcodes, making it easy to place the disclosure statement anywhere on your WordPress website. You can use shortcodes to display the disclosure in custom areas or even within specific sections of your posts or pages.


  • Disclaimify Metabox Options
  • Disclaimer Showing in Post Content
  • Disclaimer Showing in Post Meta (Blocksy Theme)


This section describes how to install the Disclaimify plugin and get it working.

  1. Go to the WordPress Dashboard “Add New Plugin” section.
  2. Search For “Disclaimify”.
  3. Install, then Activate it.


  1. Unzip (if it is zipped) and Upload disclaimify folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


What is an affiliate disclosure, and why is it important?

An affiliate disclosure is a statement that lets your readers know that your content contains affiliate links, and you may earn a commission if they make a purchase through those links. It’s crucial for maintaining transparency and complying with advertising regulations. Disclaimify helps you easily integrate these disclosures into your content to build trust with your audience.

Can I customize the wording of the disclosure to match my brand’s voice?

YES! Disclaimify offers seamless customization through the Gutenberg Editor. You can craft your own disclosure message, ensuring that it resonates with your brand’s style and tone. This customization helps you maintain consistency across your website while providing clear and transparent information to your readers.

Will the plugin work with my preferred WordPress theme?

Yes, this plugin is developed to work with any theme before or after the post efficiently. However, it works in the post-meta of the Blocksy theme.

Can I choose where the disclosure is displayed on my posts?

Disclaimify offers advanced targeting options. You can choose to display the disclosure on all posts, specific posts, or only on certain taxonomies like categories or tags. You also have the flexibility to selectively hide the disclosure on specific content, allowing you to tailor your approach based on your content strategy.

How does the priority-based display work when I have multiple disclosure points?

Disclaimify empowers you to set the priority of your disclosure points. If you have multiple disclosure locations enabled (e.g., post-start, post end, post meta start), you can determine the order in which they appear. This helps maintain a clear visual hierarchy and ensures that your disclosures are displayed to your readers in the desired sequence.

Getting Started with a Few Simple Steps

  1. Install and activate the Disclaimify plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository.
  2. Navigate to the plugin settings to add and configure your disclosure preferences.
  3. Customize your disclosure content using the Gutenberg Editor to match your brand’s style.
  4. Choose your preferred disclosure display options based on your content strategy.
  5. Publish your disclosure, and let Disclaimify handle the rest.

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