Customer Reviews for WooCommerce


Happy customers are your best marketers. So why not ask them to leave a review?

Send an automated, personalized email reminder to each customer after a transaction – make reviewing easier than ever before!

Enhance the standard WooCommerce reviews with extra features, and reassure customers by having their questions answered with a Q&A section on product pages.

The Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin helps you increase engagement, build loyalty, improve SEO, and get more sales with social proof.

Localized to 30 languages and installed on over 60,000 stores!

The plugin includes an optional integration with an external service to verify customer reviews. CusRev collects reviews from customers and verifies their authenticity.

You can find information about CusRev‘s terms, privacy, and data protection policies on our website.

🔥 Main Features

  • Automated or manual review reminder emails
  • Manual review reminders by WhatsApp with the ‘click to chat’ integration
  • Aggregated review forms to allow quick and easy reviewing
  • Enhanced reviews, including ratings, images, voting and filtering options
  • Offer discounts in exchange for reviews
  • Integration with Google Shopping
  • Question and Answer feature, allowing customers to ask and answer FAQs
  • Import and export reviews

✉️ Review Reminders – Make Reviewing Easy

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce makes reviewing simple.

You can easily set it to send out review collection emails, days or weeks after purchase. The review form makes it as simple as possible for the customer to leave a review.

It’s an easy process:

  1. Your customer places an order.
  2. You fulfill the order and mark it as completed.
  3. After a delay (customizable by you), your customer receives an automated review request email.
  4. The customer leaves a review for all of their purchases on our aggregated form. Reviews can include ratings and images to increase trust.
  5. The review is posted to WooCommerce and published on your site.

You can even choose to automatically send the customer a discount code for future purchases as a thank you.

Plus, benefit from:

  • A one-page review form where customers can review multiple items in one go
  • Manual email invitations for selected orders
  • Manual WhatsApp review invitations via the ‘click to chat’ integration
  • Personalized emails for each customer with built-in variables
  • Emails restricted for particular categories of products or customers with specific user roles
  • Quick and easy functionality thanks to a responsive email template and custom colors
  • An Unsubscribe option
  • A built-in testing tool to ensure emails look beautiful before sending
  • Reminders in different languages via “qTranslate X”, “Polylang”, “TranslatePress” and “WPML” plugin integration
  • Support for custom WooCommerce order statuses

💸 Boost Sales – With Extra Features

Did you know that displaying reviews can increase conversion by 270%?

Reviews show that people can trust your site. Other people have bought from you before, and it went so well that they want to share their experience. That social proof is important. Customers need to know your product images and descriptions can be trusted. They need to know their bank account is safe.

Turn your visitors into customers by displaying reviews!

Plus, benefit from:

  • Photo reviews (let customers upload pictures with reviews)
  • Video reviews (let customers upload videos with reviews)
  • Additional rating criteria on review forms to rate different features of products
  • Questions about customer attributes on review forms
  • Preventing spam by enabling reCAPTCHA for reviews
  • Showing reviews summary bar on product pages
  • Filtering reviews by rating
  • Enabling visitors to vote on reviews left by your customers
  • Lazy loading of reviews and attached pictures
  • Sorting reviews by date or votes
  • Review tagging
  • Trust Badges that show a summary of verified customer reviews
  • Built-in shortcodes to display a responsive list, grid, or slider of reviews on any page or post
  • Creating avatars from initials of customer names, using standard WordPress avatars or hiding avatars completely

🔎 Boost SEO – The Automated Way

Google loves something new! Add new content to your site automatically with customer reviews.

Show off review ratings directly in Google searches, and boost your site’s clickthrough rate.

Plus, benefit from:

  • Getting unique, user-generated SEO content for your shop – customer reviews often contain long tail keywords
  • Building user-generated content (UGC) such as photos and videos uploaded by your customers
  • Enhancing rich snippets and structured data markup for reviews with pictures
  • Enhancing the standard WooCommerce structured data markup with product identifiers (GTIN, MPN, Brand)

😀 Boost Engagement – With Better Feedback

Customers believe that only 8% of companies deliver a great experience – but that can change!

Use reviews to get direct feedback from your customers. Find out the good and bad parts of their experience.

You can make business decisions based on the feedback you receive and keep your customers happy.

Plus, benefit from:

  • Receiving feedback for multiple products at once with aggregated review forms
  • Personalized email templates
  • Enabling customers to vote on past reviews

🚀 Boost Loyalty – Grow Your Repeat Business

Market to your existing customers!

It’s simple: our review reminders keep you in the forefront of their minds, and offering coupon codes for future purchases gets them back to your store.

It’s easy for a customer to leave a review and receive their coupon, which creates a double whammy effect: the customer comes back for more, and you gain valuable feedback. Maybe they’ll even gift the voucher to a friend!

Plus, benefit from:

  • Automatically generating new coupons for ongoing customer reviews
  • Fair rules for coupon creation – customers will be awarded with a coupon regardless of how positive or negative their review is
  • Automatic emails with coupons upon review submission
  • Personalizing emails with coupons for each customer using built-in variables
  • Fine-tuning coupon properties according to your sales strategy
  • Working out-of-the-box with a responsive email template with custom colors
  • A built-in testing tool to ensure emails look beautiful before sending
  • Emailing coupons in different languages via “qTranslate X”, “Polylang”, “TranslatePress” and “WPML” plugin integration

🤔 Reassure Customers – With Questions & Answers

There’s nothing more reassuring to customers than having their questions answered – with Customer Reviews for WooCommerce you can do just that by:

  • Adding a tab with Questions & Answers or FAQs to product pages on your website
  • Letting your prospective customers ask questions about products and view questions others have asked
  • Increasing sales by answering questions and making sure prospective customers have all the information available to make a purchase decision
  • Reducing return and refund requests by providing answers to common questions about products, as well as offering extra information to avoid any potential misunderstanding of product features or benefits
  • Improving SEO with content created by your customers – that in turn helps search engines better understand and index your website
  • Sending email notifications to customers about replies to their questions and making them come back to your website

🛒 Google Shopping Integration

  • Generate an XML feed with products for Google Shopping
  • Generate an XML feed with product reviews for Google Shopping
  • Show star ratings in Google Shopping search results

⬇ Import and Export Reviews

Want to add product reviews from external websites? No problemo.

Just use the import reviews feature, which automatically creates reviews in WooCommerce based on a CSV file.

Similarly, you can export WooCommerce reviews to a CSV file.

  • Import / export product and store reviews
  • Import reviews with images and videos
  • Export reviews with images and videos

Quick and Easy Set-Up

  1. Make sure that WooCommerce is installed.
  2. Then, just follow the Getting Started Tutorial on our official support portal or watch the video tutorial.

Get Even More Features – With the Pro Version

CusRev has two plans: Free and Pro. The Pro plan offers additional features and email support – to find out more and purchase a license, please visit CusRev’s website.


  • Enhancements in the reviews section on a product page
  • [cusrev_reviews_grid] shortcode to display a grid of product reviews on any page or post of a website (also available as a Gutenberg block)
  • Enhanced Reviews Section
  • Questions and Answers
  • Review Reminders
  • Review Forms
  • Reviews Grid
  • Reviews Slider
  • Google Shopping XML Product Feed
  • Google Shopping XML Product Reviews Feed
  • Trust Badges
  • Review Reminders (Admin Dashboard)
  • Questions and Answers (Admin Dashboard)
  • Import and Export Reviews
  • Review Tagging (Admin Dashboard)


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Reviews Grid Display a grid with product and store reviews using a masonry layout.
  • Trust Badge Display a Trust Badge with a summary of product and store reviews.


  1. Make sure that WooCommerce plugin is installed and activated. If it is not installed, please install WooCommerce. Our plugin will not work without WooCommerce.
  2. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress ‘Plugins’ screen directly.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  4. Go the Reviews > Settings in WordPress admin area to configure the plugin


I found a bug in the plugin. How to get it fixed?

Please create a new topic at the support forum and provide detailed information with a screenshot.

How to get Site Key and Secret Key for reCAPTCHA?

Please visit reCAPTCHA website and sign up for an account. Then, you will be able to get API key pair (Site Key and Secret Key) for your website. Copy these keys and paste into the settings of the plugin.

Will collected reviews be shown as stars in Google?

The standard WooCommerce functionality already includes structured data mark up to display your product reviews effectively within organic search results. This plugin extends the standard functionality and adds some extra mark up to help search engines properly crawl your shop. It is important to understand that having a valid structured data mark up in place makes your website eligible for organic stars in Google but it doesn’t guarantee that they will be shown. You can test the rich snippets using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

How to customize template of the reviews on a single product page?

The plugin uses the standard reviews template provided by WooCommerce and enhances it with the reviews summary bar. If your theme requires a customized reviews template or you would like to use a customized reviews template for some other reason, it is possible to do so. Here is how to do it:
1) Create a folder ‘customer-reviews-woocommerce’ in your current theme’s folder.
2) Copy file ‘cr-single-product-reviews.php’ from ‘templates’ subfolder in the plugin’s folder to the folder created at step 1.
3) Customize the file ‘cr-single-product-reviews.php’ in the current theme’s folder according to your requirements.

How to Change Sorting of Reviews?

If you would like to change how reviews are sorted on product pages, it is possible to do so using the standard WordPress functionality. Go to Settings -> Discussion menu and find options “Break comments into pages with X top level comments per page and the last/first page displayed by default” and “Comments should be displayed with the older/newer comments at the top of each page”. You can control how reviews are sorted and displayed on product pages by modifying these options.



February 7, 2024
vevy good buddy. Kvipke ;)!
February 7, 2024
After trying a myriad of different review collection solutions and none of them working right for us we stumbled upon this plugin and it works like a charm. Having a more than 30% response rate is something that we didn't expect. Moreover past clients made more purchases because they were invited to review a product they purchased earlier - boom, free marketing.
February 4, 2024
Fantastic Plugin, so helpful, keep it up, one suggestion: please keep what's app messaging communication active before completing the order such as "whats app order notification" so that we can send customer notification about "order status" by whet's app. This option will help establishing bonding between customers and sellers [IMPORTANT].
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  • Bug fix: search by text and tags on product pages did not work when the ‘Show More’ button was hidden


  • New feature: ‘add_review’ parameter for the [cusrev_reviews_grid] shortcode
  • Improvement: additional details in error messages
  • Improvement: compatibility with the Pro add-on to send review invitations via WhatsApp channel


  • Bug fix: error in import of reviews when WPML plugin is activated


  • New feature: ‘Review Permissions’ setting that determines whether a user is eligible to submit a review via on-site review forms


  • Improvement: a check for databases that convert tables prefixes to lowercase


  • Improvement: a preventive check for prohibited categories of products and additional error messages in the order notes


  • Bug fix: ‘review for discount’ email template was always displayed as disabled in the settings
  • Bug fix: ‘show more’ button did not work for the reviews slider shortcode in some scenarios
  • Improvement: file type check in the import of reviews utility


  • Bug fix: vulnerability in Ajax requests for import of reviews


  • Improvement: improved compatibility with themes and plugins that might deactivate Photoswipe library for WooCommerce image lightboxes


  • Improvement: a button to add new reviews on WooCommerce product pages with CusRev visual style when a summary bar is hidden


  • Improvement: compatibility of on-site review forms in the enhanced visual style with reCAPTCHA


  • Improvement: use the default country/region of a shop when calculating tax-inclusive prices for Google Shopping Product XML feed
  • Improvement: a body of the review notification email for reviews collected via self-hosted aggregated review forms is translatable
  • Improvement: a safeguard to prevent AutomateWoo from crashing on submission of new reviews
  • Bug fix: WPML could not translate string on self-hosted aggregated review forms for languages that are not available on


  • Improvement: additional rating criteria and answers to additional questions are displayed on the reviews slider
  • Improvement: compatibility of [cusrev_reviews_slider] shortcode for shop reviews with Polylang


  • Improvement: compatibility with Klarna checkout v3 for consent checkbox
  • Improvement: a possibility to translate ‘Review’ button with basic email templates and local review forms
  • Bug fix: Email body of review reminders could not be translated with WPML when using local review forms


  • Bug fix: media upload section was shown with CusRev visual style even if ‘Attach Images/Videos’ option was disabled
  • Bug fix: cURL errors were not handled correctly
  • Bug fix: review summary bar was not displayed with WPML option to show reviews in all languages
  • Bug fix: vulnerability in Ajax requests for manual review reminders


  • Bug fix: an error in a security token check when triggering a review reminder manually
  • Improvement: check for get_shipping_phone method in old WooCommerce versions


  • New feature: self-service setup of DKIM signatures with CusRev mailer in the Pro version
  • Bug fix: vulnerability in Ajax requests
  • Bug fix: reviews could not be submitted on product pages when shortcodes were disabled


  • Improvement: CSS adjustments to avoid conflicts with styling from with 3rd-party themes and plugins


  • Improvement: design update of a review form on product pages with the enhanced CusRev user interface style
  • Improvement: minor user interface design updates on the plugin’s settings page in the admin console
  • Improvement: compatibility with the ReHub theme for WordPress
  • Bug fix: ‘Store manager’ string was enabled for the translation function
  • Bug fix: count of reviews for a product might not update after a review was posted via the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode


  • Improvement: minor CSS improvement
  • Improvement: explicit mention of a jQuery dependency in registration of some scripts


  • Bug fix: import of reviews did not work correctly with some values of the ‘memory_limit’ setting in PHP


  • Bug fix: vulnerability in Ajax requests


  • Improvement: upload images and videos via a review form in the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • Improvement: additional error messages about file upload errors on local aggregated review forms
  • Bug fix: a missing parameter in the ‘allow_empty_comment’ filter


  • Improvement: support of additional rating criteria and questions on a product review form in the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • Improvement: shortcodes compatibility with TranslatePress
  • Improvement: check for a maximum length of an aggregated review form body
  • Improvement: additional error description when local aggregated review forms cannot be saved into a database
  • Bug fix: export of reviews did not work on some hosting configurations


  • Improvement: the option to add reviews with the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode was enhanced to support both product and shop reviews


  • New feature: an option to customize the WhatsApp message template
  • Improvement: compatibility of the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode with WPML
  • Improvement: remove references to PHPSESSID cookie
  • Bug fix: implicit conversion warning


  • Improvement: user interface update of the plugin’s settings in the admin panel


  • Improvement: performance improvement to enable lazy loading of images uploaded by reviewers in the navigation section of a pop-up section on product pages


  • Improvement: compatibility of additional language codes from WPML plugin with advanced review forms
  • Improvement: unlimited product variations supported in Google XML Product Feed
  • Bug fix: scheduled times for review reminders were not displayed on WooCommerce orders page when the experimental ‘High-Performance order storage (COT)’ feature was enabled


  • Improvement: removal of CSS rule for hiding reCAPTCHA V3 logo


  • Improvement: prevent output of a duplicate consent checkbox with Klarna Checkout
  • Improvement: compatibility of the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode with Polylang
  • Improvement: icons for WhatsApp and Email buttons


  • Bug fix: [cusrev_reviews_slider] shortcode did not work correctly with random sorting and no product reviews to display


  • New feature: email notifications about new reviews collected via aggregated review forms hosted locally


  • Improvement: compatibility of the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode with Polylang
  • Bug fix: manual sending of review reminders by email or WhatsApp did not work without the High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) setting in WooCommerce


  • New feature: send manual review reminders via WhatsApp using the ‘click to chat’ integration (this feature is initially available only with ‘No verification’ setting for review reminders)
  • Bug fix: enable translation of the ‘Add a review’ button displayed by the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode


  • Improvement: compatibility of Trust Badges with Polylang


  • New feature: support of the [shipping_label] attribute for Google Shopping XML product feed (corresponds to shipping classes in WooCommerce)
  • Improvement: include reviews for inactive products in counts of reviews displayed on Trust Badges


  • Improvement: compatibility with old WooCommerce versions


  • Improvement: compatibility with High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) in WooCommerce
  • Improvement: a hook to disable WPML cookie
  • Improvement: logging of manual review reminders in the order notes


  • Bug fix: error with Klarna Checkout


  • New feature: add rating criteria to on-site product review forms (use them to let customers rate different features of products)
  • Integration with Klarna Checkout for display of a consent checkbox


  • Bug fix: validation that review form header and body are not empty


  • Bug fix: geolocation setting could not be saved


  • New feature: add custom questions to on-site product review forms (use them to ask about customer attributes)
  • Improvement: reduced the number of autoloaded options to improve performance


  • Improvement: check for a missing ‘From’ email address after installation of the plugin


  • New feature: export reviews with media files (images or videos)


  • Bug fix: compatibility with 3rd party plugins that use WP background processing classes


  • New feature: import reviews with media files (images or videos)
  • Improvement: [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode displays a reviews summary box and a button to add a new review when there are no reviews
  • Improvement: messages about duplicate questions / answers


  • New feature: an option to upload videos for reviews via WordPress admin panel
  • New feature: a check on the Diagnostics page to see if standard WooCommerce product reviews are enabled
  • New feature: a close button for video reviews
  • Bug fix: [cusrev_reviews_grid] shortcode show more button did not filter reviews correctly


  • New feature: an option to add / remove a ‘store manager’ badge on the admin page for managing reviews
  • Bug fix: CSS issues with rendering the floating Trust Badge and the small Trust Badge


  • Bug fix: a ‘show more’ button did not work with multiple [cusrev_reviews_grid] shortcodes on the same page


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: an option to set refresh frequency for Google Shopping XML feeds
  • Improvement: Polylang compatibility with the shortcodes
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: a new parameter ‘current’ for [cusrev_all_reviews], [cusrev_reviews_grid], and [cusrev_reviews_slider] shortcodes to display reviews for the current product only
  • Improvement: WPML compatibility with the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • Bug fixes: layout stacking issues in [cusrev_reviews_grid] shortcode


  • Improvement: WPML compatibility with the [cusrev_reviews_grid] shortcode


  • Improvement: Q&A compatibility with Elementor


  • Improvement: WPML compatibility with the [cusrev_reviews_slider] shortcode
  • Improvement: minor CSS tweaks for the [cusrev_reviews_slider] shortcode


  • Bug fixes: WPML/Polylang compatibility with self-hosted local review forms


  • New feature: an option to add general shop reviews with [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • New feature: an option to upload video files with reviews on product pages
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: sort reviews by rating (highest to lowest or lowest to highest)
  • Improvement: disable sorting by the helpful rating when voting for reviews is turned off
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Improvement: UI elements of the enhanced visual style for reviews on a single product page
  • Improvement: compatibility with Polylang for translation of the ‘verified owner’ label
  • Bug fixes: minor CSS fixes


  • Bug fixes: sending a test email with a review for discount did not work in some situations


  • New feature: a button for removal of reviews verification in bulk (available in the list of reviews in the backend)
  • New feature: an option to hide or display a special icon next to a review together with a nofollow link to the verified copy of the review published on
  • Improvement: ajax_object was renamed to protect it from conflicts with other plugins
  • Bug fixes: local email templates could be sent in a wrong language
  • Bug fixes: [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode with empty parameters could trigger an error
  • Bug fixes: security vulnerabilities


  • New feature: a button to remove verification of a review (available in the list of reviews in the backend)
  • Improvement: YITH WooCommerce Brands compatibility for populating data to the XML product feed for Google
  • Bug fixes: security vulnerabilities


  • New feature: Private and Live modes for collection of verified reviews via CusRev. Use the Private mode for setting up and testing integration of the plugin with CusRev. Turn on the Live mode after you complete testing and are ready to collect reviews from real customers.
  • Improvement: ‘utf8mb4’ character set for the table to store local reviews
  • Improvement: Q & A, Reminders, and Review Tagging pages are available for users with the Store Manager role
  • Improvement: CSS fixes to improve compatibility with various WordPress themes
  • Bug fix: ‘product_tags’ parameter did not work correctly for the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode


  • New feature: an option to add a link to Trust Badges when verification of reviews is disabled


  • Improvement: compatibility with the ‘show reviews in all languages’ feature of WPML


  • New feature: an option to sort reviews displayed with the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • New feature: an option to filter reviews by the current user in the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • New feature: [material] attribute for Google Shopping XML product feed
  • Improvement: a new user interface element to indicate the number of reviews displayed with the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • Improvement: CSS fixes to improve compatibility with WooCommerce and various WordPress themes
  • Bug fix: incorrect sorting of reviews on websites with PHP version older than 8.0


  • New feature: [is_bundle] attribute for Google Shopping XML product feed
  • New feature: an option to hide customer avatars in review blocks on product pages and in the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • Improvement: WPML integration for Trust Badges to display the count of reviews in all languages


  • New feature: [multipack] attribute for Google Shopping XML product feed
  • Improvement: featured reviews support for the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode
  • Improvement: updated user interface for the [cusrev_all_reviews] shortcode (please clear cache after installing the update)


  • Improvement: rearrangement of elements on the Review Extensions page in the settings
  • Bug fix: replies to reviews did not work correctly with Polylang and WPML plugins
  • Bug fix: undefined array key “total” warning


  • New feature: optional ‘size’ attribute was added to the XML product feeds for Google Shopping
  • Bug fix: incorrect ‘from’ email for Q&A reply notifications displayed on the overview screen for email templates


  • Bug fix: undefined array key ‘verified’
  • Bug fix: trust badges shortcodes are not rendered on the frontend


  • New feature: trust badges for local (no verification) reviews
  • Bug fix: anonymous display name option did not work on local (self-hosted) review forms in some cases


  • Improvement: reduced the number of autoloaded options to improve performance


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • CSS bug fix


  • Improvements in download of media files for cases when reviews have been deleted


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: enhanced settings for variable product identifiers in the XML reviews feed for Google Shopping
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: compatibility of local aggregated review forms with WPML
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Improvement: filter out invalid characters from titles and descriptions of products in XML Product Feed for Google Shopping
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: improved compatibility of Reviews Grid shortcode with Elementor
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: responsive design for local review forms
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: an age restriction option for verified reviews pages of stores selling age-restricted products
  • CSS enhancements – if you use any caching plugins, please clear cache after installing the update
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: image and video attachments for reviews submitted via local aggregated review forms
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New feature: Local aggregated review forms to collect customer reviews without third-party verification by CusRev
  • New feature: Traditional and Simplified Chinese language support
  • New feature: support of [sale_price] and [sale_price_effective_date] attributes for Google Shopping XML product feed
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements