Contest Gallery – Photo Contest Plugin for WordPress


Highly configurable photo contest gallery plugin for WordPress.
Create responsive galleries and allow to vote images.
Create image upload frontend forms.
Create user registration frontend forms.
Add login form.
Add Google sign in button to login via Google account (PRO Version)

Plugin limitations

  • Since 2019: No uploads limitation anymore
  • (No 100 uploads limitation anymore)
  • Some options available in PRO version only
  • To have all options available please purchase PRO version

Multiple photo contests example

Amazing photo contest for your WordPress page

Normal and registered users gallery

  • Display gallery images of all users
  • User see only his images which were uploaded by the user after registration and login

Three voting types

  • IP recognition
  • Cookie recognition
  • Login session based (create account via registration form or Google sign in button and login)

Drag & Drop image upload form creator

  • Add field types and arrange them
  • Add e-mail field and allow to send confirmation e-mail
  • Available field types: (Input, Textarea, Select, Select Categories, Email, URL, Check agreement, HTML, Simple Captcha, Google reCAPTCHA)
  • Configure subscription e-mail

Drag & Drop user account registration form creator

  • Add field types and arrange them
  • Available field types: (WP-Last-Name, WP-First-Name, WP-Username, WP-Nickname, WP-Email, WP-Password, WP-Password-Confirm, Input, Textarea, Select, Check agreement, Profile Image, HTML, Simple Captcha, Google reCAPTCHA)
  • Allows membership as “Contest Gallery User” WordPress role

Create login area

  • Add login area to your website
  • Allow voting only for registered users

Four e-mail types

  • Admin information e-mail when new image is uploaded
  • Activation e-mail to user when his image is activated
  • Confirmation e-mail to a user who uploaded an image to confirm that his e-mail exists
  • Registration confirmation e-mail when user create a new account

Available options

Upload options

  • Automatically activate users images after front-end upload
  • Allow only registered users to upload
  • Restrict front end upload size
  • Maximum upload size in MB
  • Activate bulk upload in front end
  • Maximum number of images for bulk upload
  • Minimum number of images for bulk upload
  • Restrict resolution uploaded images
  • Activate in gallery upload form
  • Forward to another page after upload
  • Confirmation text after upload
  • Inform admin e-mail after upload in frontend

Registration options

  • Confirmation text after registration
  • Confirmation text after e-mail confirmation
  • Confirmation mail options (Addressor, Reply mail, Subject, Mail content)

Login options

  • Forward to another page after login
  • Forward to URL
  • Confirmation text on same site after login
  • Confirmation Text after login

Vote options

  • Allow vote via 1 star rating
  • Allow vote via 5 star rating
  • Reset all votes
  • Reset users votes
  • Reset votes done by administrator
  • Allow vote out of gallery
  • Hide voting until user voted
  • Configure votes amount per user
  • Show only users votes (user see only his votes not the whole rating)
  • Votes in time interval per user
  • Delete votes (Frontend users can delete their votes and give them to another picture.)

Photo contest end options

  • End photo contest immediately
  • Activate photo contest end time
  • Select last day and time of photo contest

Commenting options

  • Allow comments
  • Allow comment out of gallery
  • Remove written comments

Gallery view options

  • Show EXIF data
  • Add categories widget when categories field in upload form is added
  • Allow full window gallery
  • Number of images per screen (pagination)
  • Allow search for images (Search by fields content, categories or picture name)
  • Allow sort
  • Random sort
  • Random sort button
  • Switch between total different gallery views without site reloading
  • Five different views
  • Real justified Flickr look, customize height
  • Thumb look, define size and margin between thumbs
  • Same amount of pictures in a row look
  • Slider look
  • Blog look

Single image view options

  • View images in a slider
  • View preview in slider
  • Link to original image source
  • Show image on a single page
  • Only gallery view

Supported languages in frontend

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Spain
  • French
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Slovakian


  • Gallery example
  • Single image view example
  • Mobile view example with information fields
  • Sorting example
  • Five stars voting example


  1. Install as usual way via your wordpress installer, uploading/installing/activating.
  2. Contest Gallery menu point appears on the left site.
  3. Create a new gallery.
  4. After creating you immediately see the two important shortcodes e.g.: [cg_gallery id="1"] and [cg_users_upload id="1"]
  5. You are immediately able to upload images and to create own photo contest user forms
  6. Insert the shortcode [cg_gallery id="1"] in a page. This shortcode shows the gallery in frontend.
  7. Insert the shortcode [cg_users_upload id="1"] in a page. This shortcode shows the the photo contest form in frontend.

Documentation to configure different options: Click here..


Can i approve images before their appear in gallery?

Yes. Right after creating a gallery it’s a standard behavior.
But you can also let appear images right after upload in frontend,
without approving.

I would like to be informed when an image is uploaded.

That’s possible! You can activate to be informed after every frontend upload
and add an email where you like to be informed.

Is it possible to inform a user automatically when his image is activated for contest?

Yes. If the user added his e-mail during uploading his image he will be informed when the image
is activated. He can also receive a link in his mail which leads directly to his image.
Use option “Edit options” >>> “User mail text” >>> “Inform users when activate pictures”.

Can i configure e-mal Body text which user receives?

Yes. You can configure Addressor, Reply mail, Cc mail, Bcc mail, Subject and Body text.
You can also insert a link in the mail Body text which will lead directly to his image.

Am i able to use WordPress repository for adding images to gallery?

Yes. You can use wordpress repository in for uploading images and adding them to gallery.
In frontend uploaded images appears also in WordPress repository and in gallery.

Can i upload more then one image?

Yes. As default you can upload as many images as you want in backend.
Default in frontend is one image per upload. But you can can configure
an amount you like. So you are also able to upload multiple images during one upload in frontend.

Can i sort to gallery added images?

Yes. You can sort images by moving with mouse over image block,
holding left mouse button and moving the block to direction you like.

How can enable forwarding to extern URL by clicking on image?

First of all you have to define an URL field in “Edit upload form” options.
Then a link to extern URL appears at a single image view.
Additionally you are able to forward directly to extern url by clicking on image.
This configuration is available in “Edit options” >>> “Gallery Options” >>> “Image forwarding options”.

Can i add information to images?

Yes. You decide via upload form which information can be added for every image.
It’s possible to configure which fields should appear single pic view or in slider view.
You can also decide one field which will appear in gallery (multiple pics) view.

What kind of input fields can i add to upload form?

You can add and name a text field, a textarea field for comments, an input field for validating an email
and an “Check agreement” with an url or text you like. Of course an image upload is always on, it’s a
photo contest plugin 🙂

Can I add Facebook Share button?

Yes. You can activate Facebook Share button for every image.

How many photo contests can i run?

As many you like 🙂

How many photos can i add to gallery?

As many you like 🙂

Can I use this plugin as common gallery plugin?

Yes. You can deactivate voting and comments and have same experience as with a common gallery plugin…
EVEN MORE! An enormous amount of options to configure the look of you gallery and awesome fast slider
lift Contest Gallery off all another gallery plugins that are available today!


September 16, 2021
In pandemie times this gallery plugin helps foto clubs to keep their work running - especially through internal collecting of images for specific subjects as a base for discussions, support for foto competitions, contribution to digitalizing collaboration in foto clubs. We have been using this tool now for 1 and half a year and are very happy. It saves us time and money and replaces tools developed by ourselves.
August 24, 2021
This plugin works great and has a ton of option to configure when using the paid version. We ran a company photo contest using it and couldn't be happier. The developer is very responsive as well. Highly recommended!
November 18, 2021
Support is not efficient. Never upload it. When you delete the plugin, you lose everything. It doesn't protect your data.
May 9, 2021
Just one day in... got it working well. Upgraded to the Pro version because it had some features I wanted (but could have lived without). Had an issue that turned out to have nothing whatsoever to do with the plugin, but I got a quick support response. The plugin is feature-laden and fairly easy to use.
April 12, 2021
I looked at many contest plugins but it's this one that stands out. All that I ever need from a contest plugin is included. It's very easy to use and the configuration options are endless. After encountering a (non plugin related) domain problem, the developer showed amazing support!
March 9, 2021
Many thanks to the developer for the quick implementation of a PHP GetIni variable problem, it only took 1 week, then it was fixed in its entirety and now works without complaint. The tool itself can be used in many different ways due to its configuration options, not only as a contest tool. For this and for the good, fast support, I give it 5 stars.
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  • NEW: Order galleries by id descend and ascend in backend.


  • FIXED: Clicking on “Add comment” in frontend might change visually names for already done comments of the picture.


  • NEW: Sort by “Rating sum” for “5 stars voting” in backend and frontend.
  • FIXED: Tooltip on scroll over frontend gallery elements appearance not precise for all kind of themes.
  • FIXED: “Show thank you for voting message” option might not work in all cases. Requires options resave if not working.


  • NEW: “Allow only logged in users to comment” option in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: When commenting as logged in user then “Nickname” (WordPress profile field) and “Profile image” (available in “Edit registration form”) will be displayed instead of enter “Name” field.
  • NEW: “Enable emojis” option “Image view options” in comments area. Option is enabled by default.


  • NEW: “Text before registration form before logged in” option available in “Registration options”.
  • NEW: “Permanent text when logged in” option available in “Login options”.


  • NEW: Watermarks – “Input”, “Select” and “Select categories field” fields in “Upload form” can be used as CSS based gallery images watermarks.


  • NEW: “Profile image” for “Registration form”. A user can upload a profile image when registering.
  • NEW: Edit “Profile image” when logged in.
  • NEW: Validation of edited registration form fields when logged in.
  • NEW: “Show profile image who uploaded image” option in “Image view” options. If profile image exists it will be visible and clickable in a gallery in frontend.
  • NEW: Role groups to check which can edit fields from “Registration form” in “Edit profile” when logged in. Available in “Registration options”.
  • NEW: More translations added in “Translations (general) options”.
  • FIXED: Undefined variable message when cg_users_login shortcode is used and user is not logged in for some PHP versions.


  • FIXED: Appearance of select field rows in upload form and registration form in frontend was broken.


  • NEW: Text before login form before logged in.
  • NEW: Text before Google sign in button before logged in.
  • NEW: “You are already logged in” translation will be not displayed anymore, because not required.
  • FIXED: Confirmation text after login did not appear.


  • FIXED: General login options might be not created.
  • FIXED: Forward to configured URL after successfully login might not work if configured.
  • FIXED: Some general registration and login options might be not saved.


  • NEW: Login via Google (Google sign in) button options.
  • NEW: New “Contest Gallery User since v14”. user group with “Edit profile” abilities when logged in.
  • NEW: “Logout URL” in “Login options”.
  • NEW: “Back to gallery URL” in “Login options”.
  • NEW: “Lost password e-mail options” in “Login options”.
  • NEW: “Username” and “Nickname” as registration form fields available for new galleries since v14.
  • NEW: “WP First Name” and “WP Last” as registration form fields available for new galleries since v14.
  • FIXED: Eventually Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks possibilities.


  • FIXED: Pagination select page element appearance for some themes broken in frontend.
  • FIXED: Remove votes manually in backend not always executed.
  • FIXED: Background alignment of overlay when deleting images in backend. Was imprecise before.


  • FIXED: Security issue – improved conditions user authentication when exporting data Contest Gallery backend area.


  • FIXED: Security issue – possible SQL injection.


  • FIXED: Some japanese characters could not be typed in upload form.


  • NEW: “of” as translation validation message available now for pagination translation in frontend.
  • FIXED: When total activated images amount is divisible by “Number of images per screen” (Gallery view option), then frontend pagination will be not shown.


  • NEW: “Email and password do not match” translation validation message instead of “Email wrong” or “Password is wrong” is used now in login form.
  • FIXED: “This email is not valid” translation validation message was not shown if not valid email was typed in login form.
  • FIXED: Successful login might not cause required redirect in some cases.


  • FIXED: Opening gallery in frontend in “Full window blog view” might cause to open one of the images twice.


  • NEW: Tooltip appears on hover of frontend gallery elements.
  • NEW: Gallery icons tooltips translations are available in “Edit options”.
  • NEW: Pagination new handling. Steps replaced by modern click through and select page handling.
  • NEW: “Show thank you for voting message after voting” option available in “Voting options”.
  • NEW: “No images found” translation message appears in frontend if no images found when search in frontend.


  • FIXED: Gallery reload after in gallery upload fails if cg_gallery_user and cg_gallery shortcodes with same id on same page are used and cg_gallery has no activated image.


  • FIXED: Export all votes shown different WordPress user ids but always same email and user name if a logged in user voted.


  • FIXED: Galleries not loaded in frontend if multiple gallery shortcodes are inserted, first gallery is a user gallery, and frontend user is not logged in.


  • NEW: Gallery container look with bright or dark background.
  • NEW: Improved CSS and style colors for gallery bright and dark view.
  • NEW: All forms has bright and dark CSS styles now. It can be switched between bright and dark style for each form in “Edit options”.
  • NEW: Round borders can be configured for all forms. It can be switched between round and normal borders for each form in “Edit options”.
  • NEW: Improved frontend categories widget handling. Categories can be expanded and collapsed.
  • FIXED: Switching from blog view to normal gallery and trying to open image in gallery slide out mode not working.
  • FIXED:
    tags were not working in “This text is visible until first image appears in the gallery” area.
  • FIXED: If “Show categories widget in frontend” is deactivated and there are categories, then gallery reload fails after upload via “In gallery form”.
  • FIXED: Apostrophe and quotes appears with backslash in frontend in single image view and in gallery upload form.
  • FIXED: “Enable switch color style button” for gallery view appears only if multiple views are or full window button are activated.
  • FIXED: “Enable switch color style button” for single image view appears only if also for is activated for gallery view.


  • NEW: “Show constantly (without hovering) vote, comments and image title in gallery view” can be configured for each cg_gallery shortcode type now in “Gallery view options”.
  • NEW: “Allow only registered users to see the gallery” can be configured for each cg_gallery shortcode type now in “Gallery view options”.
  • NEW: Copy translation tooltip added to each translation in “Edit options” >>> “Translations”.
  • NEW: Emoticons can not be added to user upload form and input fields so text will be always saved on all types of servers.
  • FIXED: If there is no information for an image set which should be visible in frontend and “Show comments only” is activated then comments will be not displayed in frontend.


  • NEW: “Enable switch color style button” for gallery top controls in “Gallery view options”. Bright or dark style is available.
  • NEW: “Enable switch color style button for single image view” in “Image view options”. Bright or dark style is available.
  • NEW: Dark style CSS colors are is improved. Top controls and single image view dark style has same look.
  • NEW: Improved single image view control buttons behaviour on mobiles.
  • FIXED: Clicking on an image and entering full window blog view might duplicate one of an images, so one of images might appear twice.
  • FIXED: Clicking enter when add comment in frontend cause no line break or cause multiple line breaks.


  • NEW: Zoom images on smartphone mobile devices is possible now. Simply click an image and a larger version of image appears and can be closed.
  • FIXED: “Passing glue string after array is deprecated” message on some server PHP versions.


  • NEW: “Please use available emoticons” text appears if an emoticon will be added which is not in the list of available emoticons. This is necessary to make this function working for all WordPress and database versions.
  • NEW: “Add comment” button is visible again (improved visual). Have to be clicked so it is possible to comment. This handling is necessary so it also works on all mobile devices.
  • FIXED: Not possible to comment on safari.
  • FIXED: Not possible possible to click enter in comment on mobile Android devices.
  • FIXED: Some gallery user, winner and no voting options were not displayed in frontend.


  • FIXED: Wrong in gallery upload form “Confirmation text after upload” is inserted when creating a gallery.


  • NEW: Improved show further comments handling in frontend.
  • NEW: Improved show further information handling in frontend.
  • FIXED: Copy paste in comments might not appear in right way after site reload.


  • NEW: “Comment notification e-mail options” available in “Gallery options”.
  • NEW: “Hide enter name comments area” available in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: “Make current voting status visible” available in “Gallery view options cg_gallery_no_voting”.
  • FIXED: “Full window button did not work” if “Full window slider” option was activated.


  • NEW: Add emoticons to comments.
  • NEW: Comments area is always visible in single image view if allow to comment is activated.
  • FIXED: “Zip all images” might not work in some cases.
  • FIXED: “Export all votes” might not work in some cases.


  • NEW: “Translations” for “Registration form” and “Login form” structured in “Edit options”.
  • FIXED: “Translations” for “Login form” did not work in “Edit options”.
  • FIXED: “Translations” for “Upload form” did not work in “Edit options” if using cg_users_upload shortcode.


  • NEW: “There will be no images displayed in frontend” message will get visible in backend on “Save changes” of categories in images area if categories are unchecked and no images would be visible in frontend.


  • FIXED: “Camera model” exif data option can not be deactivated for cg_gallery shortcode.


  • NEW: “This text is visible until first image appears in the gallery” option in “Gallery view options”.
  • FIXED: “Show as title in gallery view” in “Edit upload form” did not work in all cases.
  • FIXED: Remove image button disappeared in cg_gallery_user single image view.
  • FIXED: Datepicker might appear wrong positioned in frontend.


  • FIXED: Gallery might not loading for some template types.
  • FIXED: Registration form frontend validation did not work if upload form also was inserted on same page.


  • NEW: Shortcodes container redesign in backend menu navigation.
  • NEW: Start menu redesign. Contains more information now.
  • FIXED: Some translations might be not always visible in frontend.
  • FIXED: Total count of all images will be shown on category labels in user gallery instead of count of user images only.


  • FIXED: Some translations might be not always visible in frontend.
  • FIXED: Image information data might be visible in frontend which is not configured as visible in “Edit upload form” after frontend upload. If this is the case then please go “Edit options” >>> “Status, repair…” and click “Repair frontend” button.


  • FIXED: Plugin activation might fail in some cases.


  • FIXED: Frontend gallery might be not loaded in case of upload folder was returned as http but site is https.


  • FIXED: After updating to 12.3.0 when using cg_gallery_user shortcode images were visible of another users, but could not be edited or deleted.


  • NEW: Improved frontend data rendering, adapted for more templates.


  • FIXED: EXIF data was not immediately displayed after uploading via frontend upload form if auto activation was not enabled.


  • NEW: “Exif data to show in frontend” can be configured in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: “Original image date” EXIF data can be enabled in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: “Original image date format to show in frontend” can be configured in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: “Comments date format shown in frontend” can be configured in “Image view options”.
  • NEW: Show available EXIF data in backend images area.
  • FIXED: Images were not found by available EXIF data in backend.
  • FIXED: Load more images button might be not visible in WordPress media library of Contest Gallery backend images area.


  • NEW: “Export all votes” function for a gallery. Button can be found in images area.
  • NEW: “Check by IP and Cookie” combined as voting recognition method.
  • FIXED: “Check if is registered” voting option can be manipulated in some cases.


  • FIXED: After voting in blog view done vote was not shown in gallery for “One star voting”.
  • FIXED: “The photo contest has not started yet” translation was not shown.
  • FIXED: “Insert original WordPress title” in backend creates an empty space at beginning of title.
  • FIXED: “Rating descend” for five stars improved. First quantity order and second order is average now. Average was not as second order before.


  • FIXED: Voting not working in “Blog view” if “Blog view” as first view and “Vote via 1 star” are activated.


  • FIXED: Long title description might not shown right in gallery view.
  • FIXED: If “Show comments only” is activated then sorting by comments is missing.
  • FIXED: CSS of URL field if configured as title in gallery improved.
  • FIXED: Box shadow of modern skeleton loader missing when opening image in blog view full window.


  • NEW: “Comment options” can be configured for every cg_gallery shortcode type in “Image view options” now.
  • NEW: “Show comments only” option.


  • NEW: Modern skeleton loader when adding images for upload in frontend.
  • FIXED: Changing orientation of in gallery upload form on mobiles did not changed to required height of form.


  • FIXED: Frontend in gallery upload form might be stretched over full document height on mobiles.


  • NEW: Opening new image replace browser history instead of adding new.
  • NEW: Clicking back button forwards to gallery start if image is opened.
  • NEW: Opening “Full window blog view” by clicking an images shows modern skeleton loader now.
  • FIXED: Images might not shown in “Blog view” if “Slide effect vertical” option is activated.
  • FIXED: “Single image view” could not be opened for cg_gallery_no_voting shortcode.
  • FIXED: Resolution of images in some cases to low on mobiles in “Single image view”.
  • FIXED: Wrong position in some cases when opening an image in “Full window blog view”.


  • NEW: Copy image link option for single image view available in “Image view options”.


  • FIXED: Delete user images option in frontend for cg_gallery_user shortcode is not visible in some cases.
  • FIXED: In gallery upload form button might appear twice after upload in some cases.
  • FIXED: Gallery content might not appear when certain theme JavaScript files processing order is configurated.


  • NEW: “Winner all” and “Not winner all” buttons added to images area in backend.
  • FIXED: Sorting by rating average for five star did not work when opening full window for slider view.


  • FIXED: Five star voting on mobiles for themes with sticky menu menu was not working.
  • FIXED: Position of image using “Full window blog view” option might be not always correct joining full window.


  • NEW: “Round borders for all control elements and containers” option in “Gallery view options”.
  • FIXED: Closing full window in an image in full window opened the image again if “Start gallery full window view as slide out by clicking an image” was activated.
  • FIXED: “You can not comment in own gallery” message does not appear in “Blog view” if cg_gallery_user shortcode is used and user tries to comment own image.
  • FIXED: Calculation of sizes of image information box for “Height View” was not always correct.
  • FIXED: Image information behaviour if images were rotated in frontend.


  • NEW: Modern backdrop in frontend when a message in gallery appear.
  • FIXED: Controls slide in background in full window has now same background color as theme.
  • FIXED: Slider view disappears if full window was joined in another view before and then going back to slider view.
  • FIXED: Slider might be not opened if configured as first view.


  • NEW: Modern image title, comments and rating stats appearance on hover of images in gallery view. For new created or copied galleries since version 12.1.0.
  • NEW: Titles of images in gallery view not only one row anymore. For new created or copied galleries since version 12.1.0.


  • NEW: Backend “Edit options” area redesign.


  • FIXED: Scrolling from bottom to top in full window of “Blog view” might not work in some cases.
  • FIXED: Last image might not always in appear in “Blog view”.


  • FIXED: Broken linebreak of a note in “Edit options”.


  • NEW: “Votes per category” option in “Voting options”.


  • NEW: Improved wording for e-mail options in “Edit options” for better understanding of mail exceptions if there were some.


  • NEW: Mail exceptions hint will be shown in “Edit options” if there were an exception for appropriate mail type.
  • FIXED: Changing categories order in “Edit upload form” does not affect frontend order.


  • FIXED: Voting in “Blog view” was note possible if “Allow vote out of gallery” was deactivated.


  • NEW: “Show HTML content instead of translation message when user used all votes” available in “Voting options”.
  • NEW: Open gallery controls button (for search, random button, categories and sort) in full window is on left side now. Area which comes from left has close button now.
  • FIXED: Rating images in “Blog view” does not transfer rating visually in gallery view.
  • FIXED: Open gallery controls button (for search, random button, categories and sort) in full window appears only if one of controls is activated.


  • NEW: “View images as full window blog view” frontend opening animation and duration improved.
  • NEW: Image URLs will be generated if “View images as full window blog view” after click on a gallery picture or scroll in full window.
  • NEW: Image URLs will be generated if “Slider view” is active and by clicking through slider view.
  • FIXED: Opened full window without message after uploading in frontend when “View images as full window blog view” or “View images as full window slider”.
  • FIXED: Last images in a row of “Thumb view” are sometimes full width size scaled.
  • FIXED: Opening blog view in full window did not show up as expected if 11th image of gallery was clicked.
  • FIXED: Checking database status on a multisite from a subsite did not work correctly.


  • NEW: “One vote per category” option in “Voting options”.


  • NEW: Delete original source from storage option when deleting images in backend.
  • NEW: “Delete by frontend user deleted images from storage when cg_gallery_user shortcode is used” option is available in “Update options”.


  • NEW: Sort by comments quantity is available in backend images area.


  • FIXED: Update script did not work on a subsite of a multisite if directly executed first time on a subsite of a multisite.
  • FIXED: Switching from slider view to other gallery views does not show all images if slider view is first view.


  • FIXED: Wrong IP in frontend getter might show wrong votes calculation in frontend if “Show only user votes” or “Hide until user voted” is activated.
  • FIXED: Uninstalling plugin did not remove complete contest-gallery folder in “uploads-folder”.


  • NEW: “Show Facebook share button only” option.
  • FIXED: Frontend messages did not appear in case certain viewport CSS settings were set.


  • FIXED: get_magic_quotes_gpc() did not work for some servers. Options could not be saved because of this.
  • FIXED: Some undefined variables removed.


  • FIXED: “Show EXIF data” not possible to uncheck for cg_gallery_no_voting shortcode.


  • FIXED: “…Page needs to be reloaded…” message might not disappear in backend in some cases.


  • FIXED: Some not compatible code which might cause errors with new PHP versions removed.


  • FIXED: Unevenly scrolling on mobiles in frontend galleries in some cases.
  • FIXED: Five stars voting not possible if “Original source link only” or “Only gallery view” were activated.


  • FIXED: Changing “Votes in time interval per user amount” did not work.
  • FIXED: Last image was not shown for “Blog view” if exactly 10 images in the gallery.
  • FIXED: First five images in “Blog view” view were not shown in if “View images as full window blog view” was activated and one of first five images were clicked in the gallery.


  • FIXED: Saving certain options did not work in some cases.


  • NEW: Improved uninstall plugin processing.
  • FIXED: Sorting new added categories in “Edit upload form” did not work properly.


  • FIXED: From Facebook caused cutting of share button visibility corrected.


  • FIXED: Two views switch in frontend is not visible if only two views are activated and one if this is blog view.


  • NEW: Editing available image information fields in frontend when using cg_gallery_user shortcode.


  • FIXED: Commenting opportunity append in “Blog view” even if commenting is deactivated.
  • FIXED: Not all images might be displayed in backend when using search input for some sorting options.


  • FIXED: Behaviour of five star voting on mobiles might be not precise enough.


  • NEW: Add own icons.
  • NEW: Count of how many images in each category will be shown in frontend.
  • NEW: Five star voting is optimized for mobile devices. Opens a five star overview when clicking on a vote.


  • NEW: Enable/Disable thumbnail navigation option for Slider view.
  • FIXED: isNaN might be shown in voting counter in frontend if switching from five star to one star voting in some cases.


  • NEW: Open “Enable full window button” and “Enable full screen button” for “Image view options”.


  • NEW: Open “Blog view” in full window option when using “Height”, “Thumb” or “Row” view.
  • FIXED: Comments count will be duplicated in gallery view after adding a comment.
  • FIXED: Wrong voting count might be shown after voting uploading an image and reloading a page then.
  • FIXED: Buggy behaviour adding or deleting images in user gallery and then reloading the page.
  • FIXED: Not required close button for each blog might appear when opening blog view in full window.


  • NEW: Blog view.
  • NEW: Go up button for all views.
  • NEW: Improved single image scaling.
  • NEW: Improved resizing behaviour all views.
  • NEW: Improved voting processing, voting caching and gallery actualizing behaviour.
  • FIXED: Thumb view sometimes broken when resizing.
  • FIXED: Categories are not shown if all header controls, like search or random sort button are deactivated.


  • FIXED: Sorting by “Custom fields” in not working.
  • FIXED: Upload button is visible in single view when cg_winner_shortcode was used, what shouldn’t be for cg_winner_shortcode.


  • FIXED: If “Manipulation” is activated and rating is changed, numbers which are entered in the panel are added with each page refresh for “One star voting”.


  • NEW: “Image view background bright style” can be found in “Image view options”.


  • NEW: If user is deleted his gallery images and entries will be also deleted or reassigned.
  • NEW: Appearance of gallery improved when changing steps.
  • NEW: Pagination buttons also at the bottom of a gallery now.


  • NEW: Sort by custom fields in backend.
  • FIXED: ui-slider-handle not exactly positioned in slider view.


  • NEW: Sanitisation and validation of $_POST and $_FILES data when image uploading extended.
  • FIXED: Image activation email not properly HTML formatted if activated via backend manually.


  • NEW: “Modify image name frontend upload” in “Edit options” >>> “Upload options”.


  • FIXED: Searching for a value in backend did not show all available images in some cases.

Full updates history can be found in changelog.txt in plugins directory.