Geo Controller


Geo Controller is a transformative WordPress plugin that enables comprehensive management and manipulation of geographic data on your website. This tool was previously known as CF Geo Plugin.

Essentially, it helps to personalize and enhance your website’s usability based on the geographical location of the users. By doing so, it adds an element of personalization to your website that can significantly increase user engagement and site interaction.

In addition to geographic-based features, Geo Controller has now integrated an advanced TOR network detection system. This addition allows website owners to identify visitors accessing the site through the TOR network, offering them the option to block, hide, or display specific content based on this criteria, thus ensuring a more secure and tailored browsing experience.

The central function of Geo Controller is its ability to automatically determine the geographical location of your website visitors. Using this information, the plugin allows for the creation of custom, location-based greetings like “Welcome to our website, [visitor’s city]!”. This feature not only creates a welcoming environment but also establishes an immediate connection with the user.

Geo Controller’s features extend beyond just recognizing and displaying user location data. It enables easy integration of geo tags, Google Maps, and various forms of content to your website’s posts, pages, widgets, and custom templates. You can implement these changes with minimal coding knowledge, thanks to the available options, shortcodes, and even PHP code.

To make it even more practical, Geo Controller is fully compatible with well-known WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, and WP Super Cache. This ensures a seamless user experience and full utilization of all these beneficial tools.

Other useful features include the ability to set a default location for your site, to optimize your SEO and user redirection capabilities. Geo Controller also equips you with spam protection and allows you to manage your WooCommerce store more effectively.

On the technical side, Geo Controller utilizes a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to distribute data. This ensures optimal website loading speed, leading to improved user experience. In addition, by leveraging API use, it enables less local data storage, providing more room for other crucial website data.

Geo Controller’s capabilities also stretch to legal compliance. It can filter certain types of content like legal notices, forms, or specific text from being displayed to users from regions where such content may not be relevant or lawful. This protects your website from any potential legal conflicts and ensures a smooth, uninterrupted user experience.


Geo Controller for WordPress is completely free! But, just like a superhero needs their trusty sidekick, Geo Controller also works with paid services that give you unlimited information about your website’s visitors. However, for the free users, the API services are limited to 1000 lookups per day. But don’t worry, if you want to take your location detection game to the next level, you can upgrade to UNLIMITED lookups by visiting our official website.

And the best part? We often have monthly promotions and discounts, so don’t forget to check out our pricing page on the official website for more information.

Geo Controller works as a service, so sit back, relax, and let the plugin do all the hard work for you.



  • There is no need to buy expensive and heavy databases
  • No effect on the site performances
  • Full support for the WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Yoast SEO, WP Super Cache and other most popular plugins
  • TOR network detection system


  • Redirects visitors to a blog page based on their geo informations by SEO rules
  • Redirects visitors to a predefined URL based on their geo informations by SEO rules
  • Allows you to configure multiple redirection rules as needed for the pages and entire website
  • Supports 301, 302, 303 & 304 HTTP redirection
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6
  • Geo Tag Generator attach Geo Tags in the head of your website for the specific pages
  • Cache support


  • Create marketing campaigns targeted only at certain locations.
  • Create landing pages targeted only at certain locations.
  • Create banners, videos and any other content targeted only at certain locations.

E-COMMERCE | WooCommerce

  • Geolocate for your customer location with Geo Controller API
  • Payments Control show or hide payment methods by country to prevent unwanted transactions
  • Geo Location logging of your customers during orders
  • Country Payment Control for your WooCommerce installation
  • Display local currency, local symbol or converter
  • Use currency converter to calculate price in local currency
  • Use VAT to check is current country under tax rate
  • Use EU to check is country from the European Union


  • Spam protection from the danger visitors or spammers
  • Blocking access on the website from the specific user defined locations
  • Blocking IP Addresses from accessing on the website


  • Redirect incoming traffic to content in the local language or currency.
  • Businesses with local branches can direct customers to a relevant physical location or local microsite.


  • Filter required legal notices, text, forms, etc. from countries for whom those content may not be relevant.


This plugin is compatible with any WordPress installation and many available plugins. We also do special compatible functions with:

YOU NEED TO KNOW that Geo Controller is designed for compatibility with most plugins, but the vast array of WordPress plugins and installations means that occasional conflicts might occur. Although rare, it’s not possible to guarantee 100% compatibility in every case. If you encounter any problems, reach out to the support teams for assistance. Often, keeping your plugins and WordPress installation up to date is the simplest way to resolve any issues.

All Geo Controller for WordPress 8.x.x Features

  • Geo Plugin – Allows you to attach geographical information inside your content via Shortcodes, PHP and JavaScript objects
  • Geo Banner – Allows you to place dynamic content, images, videos and pages using shortcodes for specific audience target by geolocation
  • Google Map – Allows you to attach Google Map inside content
  • Geo Tag – Allows you to generate precise Geo Tags for your pages and custom posts
  • Anti Spam Protection – Allows you to block access on blog from spam IP addresses and specific geo locations
  • Cloudflare Geolocation Support – Cloudflare support for visitor geolocation
  • DNS Lookup – Allows you to attach visitor DNS informations
  • SSL Support – Keep you safe
  • Cache Support – Allow other cache plugins to be integrated and supported
  • PROXY Settings – Allows you to use PROXY for the lookup
  • SEO Redirection – Allows you to redirect any page, post or article
  • Country Flag Support – Allows you to attach visitor or custom country flags inside content
  • Include Content by Geolocation – Allows you to include content by geolocation
  • Exclude Content by Geolocation – Allows you to exclude content by geolocation
  • Plugin Autoupdate – Allows you to keep your plugin up to date automatically
  • REST API – Allows you to become geo information provider

Basics usage and example

[cfgeo return="region"]
We just found shoes in [cfgeo_city] that you can buy for 50% discount.
[cfgeo ip="" return="area_code"]
[cfgeo exclude="Toronto"] This text is seeing by everyone except Toronto people [/cfgeo]
[cfgeo include="New York"] This text seeing only people from New York [/cfgeo]
[in_eu]You are from the European Union[/in_eu]
[not_in_eu]You are NOT from the European Union[/not_in_eu]
[is_vat]You are under VAT[/is_vat]
[is_not_vat]You are NOT under VAT[/is_not_vat]

Usage & Example

To best understand how shortcodes work, it’s best to read the documentation.

But here are some simple examples:

The Geo Controller allows you to add location-based functionality to your website. It is a simple plugin to use, after installation and activation, you just need to insert the shortcode [cfgeo] in your post or page. This shortcode returns and displays the IP address of the visitor.

You can also display different location-based information by using the return attribute in the shortcode. For example, to display the region of the visitor, you can use the shortcode [cfgeo return="region"]. By changing the return attribute, you can display any information from the list provided by the plugin. Each user visiting the site will see information related to their area.

Additionally, you can also track custom IP addresses and return information from that IP by adding an optional attribute called ip. For example, [cfgeo ip="" return="area_code"] will return the area code from that IP address.

If the plugin is unable to locate the information, you can add a default value to the shortcode by using the default attribute. For example, [cfgeo return="country_code" default="US"] will return “US” if the plugin is unable to locate the country code.

You can exclude or include content on your page based on the user’s location by using the exclude or include attribute. For example,

[cfgeo exclude="Toronto, Québec"] This text is seeing by everyone except people from Toronto and Québec [/cfgeo]

will hide the content “This text is seeing by everyone except people from Toronto and Québec” from the visitors that are located in Toronto or Québec.

Similarly, if you want to display some content only to specific location you can use include attribute like this:

[cfgeo include="New York, Miami, Germany"] This text seeing only people from New York, Miami and Germany [/cfgeo]

this shortcode will only display the text “This text seeing only people from New York, Miami and Germany” to the visitors that are located in New York, Miami and Germany.

You can also use the include and exclude attributes with country codes, region codes, or city codes. For example, you can use [cfgeo include="US, GB, DE"] to only display the content to visitors located in the United States, Great Britain, and Germany. Or you can use [cfgeo exclude="CA, ON, QUE"] to hide the content from visitors located in the provinces of California, Ontario, and Québec in Canada.

By using these attributes you can control the content visibility based on user location and personalize the user experience.

Please note that you need to use accurate location name to include or exclude content and case sensitive location name.

VAT CONTROL: If you need to show value-added tax (VAT) information on your website, there are 2 shortcodes that can help you with it.

[is_vat]You are under VAT[/is_vat]
[is_not_vat]You are NOT under VAT[/is_not_vat]

Both shortcodes have a default option that you can use as an alternative.

[is_vat default="You are NOT under VAT"]You are under VAT[/is_vat]
[is_not_vat default="You are under VAT"]You are NOT under VAT[/is_not_vat]

Generally, these two shortcodes show or hide everything inside it, depending on your needs.

EU CONTROL: If you need to display some content related to European Union (EU) countries, you can do it on the two easy way:

[in_eu]You are from the European Union[/in_eu]
[not_in_eu]You are NOT from the European Union[/not_in_eu]

Like many of our shortcodes, there is default options what you can use as an alternative:

[in_eu default="You are NOT from the European Union"]You are from the European Union[/in_eu]
[not_in_eu defauilt="You are from the European Union"]You are NOT from the European Union[/not_in_eu]

These two shortcodes also show or hide everything inside it, depending on your needs.

GOOGLE MAP: If you want to place a simple Google Map in your post or page, you just need to place a shortcode [cfgeo_map] and your visitor will see their own location on Google Map by default.

Like example, you can display own company street address inside Google Map like this: [cfgeo_map longitude="-74.0059" latitude="40.7128" zoom="15"] and pointer will show your street and place where you work.

Google Map also allow you to use HTML inside map and display info bar:

[cfgeo_map longitude="-74.0059" latitude="40.7128" zoom="15" title="My Company Name"] 
   <h3>My Company Name<h3> 
   <p>No Name Street 35, New York, USA</p> 
   <p>We have what you need</p> 

With this plugin you can easily set up your Google Map.

GEO BANNER: With this plugin you also have the ability to make dynamic content (text, images, banners, videos…) and target your messages to people from certain regions, track IP address, setup WordPress to work on user’s timezone, etc. The possibilities are huge, you can increase conversions, use this plugin like support for your custom template, build your own plugin and use Geo Controller like additional options, etc.

You just need to create a new banner, place your content, select rules (country, region, city) save your banner, after that in your page pickup banner shortcode and place inside content.

COUNTRY FLAG You can display country flags in text or like images.

If you like to display country flag in your text like icon, you can do that simple like:

[cfgeo_flag] - and you will see a flag in your text.

If you like to display country flag in your content like image, you can do that also simple using img or image attributes like:

[cfgeo_flag img] - and you will see image flag in your content

You also can give custom sizes of flags in %, px, in, pt or em using size attribute like this:

[cfgeo_flag size="32px"] - and you will see your flag in that size. You can use this size in image and normal text mode also.

You also can display custom flag using country attribute by placing country code simple like:

[cfgeo_flag country="ca"] - and you will see a flag in your text or like image.

We allow you also full control of this flags and you can place css, class or id attributes to be able use this in any kind of work like this:

[cfgeo_flag size="50" css="padding:10px;" class="your-custom-class custom-class custom" id="top-flag"]

Flags also support include & exclude attributes where you can controls your flag view:

[cfgeo_flag exclude="ca,us"] - and you will hide flag from the USA and Canada, for other is visible


[cfgeo_flag include="ca,us"] - and you will show flag only inside USA and Canada, for others is hidden

Info & Contact

Please visit our website and feel free to contact us. …


  • Geo Controller Available shortcodes and values
  • CF Google Map shortcodes and setup
  • Anti Spam Protection settings
  • Geo Controller global settings
  • Debug Mode for Geo Controller and IP Lookup
  • Adding shortcode in text editor
  • Admin bar quick links
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3
  • SEO Redirection settings
  • Contact Form 7 settings
  • Available tags
  • WooCommerce Settings


Installing Geo Controller for WordPress is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/cf-geoplugin directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” screen in WordPress
  • Go to the Geo Controller settings page and configure your settings
  • That’s it! You’re ready to start greeting your visitors with personalized messages.

On uninstall

When you choose to uninstall the Geo Controller plugin, it’s important to be aware that all data associated with the plugin will be permanently deleted from your WordPress installation. This includes the plugin’s setup, license, and any other changes that you have made using the plugin. The plugin will clean everything from your database, and this process is irreversible, meaning that you will not be able to retrieve or restore any of the data that was generated by the plugin. So before you proceed with the uninstallation, it’s important to make sure that you have a backup of any important data that you want to keep, or you have an alternative way to store the data.


What should I do if the plugin doesn’t work?

Geo Controller is designed to be compatible with most plugins, the WordPress ecosystem is vast and complex. With thousands of different plugins available and millions of unique WordPress installations, each with their potential combinations of themes, plugins, and settings, the landscape is incredibly diverse.

What this means is that although efforts have been made to ensure Geo Controller works smoothly with other plugins, there might be instances where conflicts occur. A “conflict” in this context refers to two or more plugins interfering with each other’s functionality. This could cause one or both plugins to not work as intended, or even cause issues with the overall function of the website.

It’s almost impossible to test Geo Controller against every possible combination of plugins and WordPress configurations. Therefore, a 100% guarantee of compatibility cannot be given. It’s a rare occurrence, but sometimes, specific plugins might not work well with Geo Controller.

If such a problem arises, it’s crucial to reach out to the support teams of Geo Controller or the other plugin involved. This collaborative approach often leads to a quick resolution of the issue. Both sets of developers understand their products intimately and will be able to assist in finding a solution.

Furthermore, many compatibility issues stem from outdated software. Plugins, themes, and even WordPress itself are continually being updated. These updates often include fixes for known conflicts and compatibility issues. Therefore, keeping all aspects of a WordPress site up to date – including Geo Controller, other plugins, and the WordPress installation itself – is usually the most straightforward way to prevent or resolve these conflicts.

In summary, while Geo Controller aims to be compatible with most plugins, the sheer variety of the WordPress environment means that occasional conflicts may arise. Open communication with support teams and keeping software up to date are the best strategies to ensure a smooth experience.

Is Geo Controller free? Is there some license or restrictions?

Geo Controller uses a combination of free and paid services that return information about the locations.

Geo Controller is free by itself but API lookup is limited to 1000 lookups per day for the free users. If you need to have UNLIMITED lookup with NO RESTRICTIONS, please visit official website for more information regarding prices.

The reason for the payment of the license is obvious: -We have to pay the server we use to provide you information via API, development requires hours and hours of work at the daily level, the availability of the service must be 24/7 with no stop and for a lot of coffee.

Also you must know that few options like REST API, WooCommerce Payment Options, Spam Protection, Currency Converter are locked for the unlicensed usage because those options rely on the unlimited lookups and can break the website or stop working when you reach limits.

Do Geo Controller use 3rd party services?

Geo Controller is a geo information provider and we provide our own geo information via API services builded on the Geo Controller servers. Geo Controller has its own databases of IP addresses and geo locations related to that IP addresses. Geo Controller may use inside own API service and 3rd party API services like MaxMind, GeoIP and Geo Plugin like additional support for the certain informations for the more precise location or currency information.

Note that Geo Controller DO NOT STORE any personal information without your knowledge and approval and not provide personal information to 3rd parties. Geo Controller not selling and not providing own databases to 3rd parties in any case. We handle only with world wide public information that is visible to anyone (client IP, server IP, hostname) and using simple processes we return geo information and following services.

For more informations you visit Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages on our official website.

How I can test Geo Controller is work on certain country, region or city?

That part is a little bit hard but you can use great VPN service – NordVPN
With this service you can change your current location and test Geo Controller and its functionality.

Can I use CF Geop Plugin inside a custom template?

Yes! You can! You just need to follow instructions from your admin panel area and use the Settings->Geo Controller to see all available shortcodes and settings.
NOTE: Some templates do not support WordPress PHP function [do_shortcode()]( and data from Geo Controller will not be visible.

Can GeoPlugin slow down my site?

NO, Geo Controller uses the asynchronous data reading from API services. After loading, all data is stored in a session. That session is stored until IP is changed. When the user’s IP changes, the plugin reads new data and stores in the new session.

Can I set the different value if the shortcode shows no results?

YES, just add the attribute default in shortcode and corresponding text like this:
[cfgeo return=”city” default=”Your Default Text”]

How to include CF Geop Plugin in PHP?

In PHP you can use WordPress function [do_shortcode()]( to display data via shortcode inside your PHP file. Also you have option to use PHP class new CF_Geoplugin or you can use GLOBALS and get data via global $CF_Geo like example:

// check if plugin exists
    // include plugin class
    $cfgeo = new CF_Geoplugin;
    // get data
    $geo = $cfgeo->get();
    // print data
    echo $geo->city;

or with globals:

// object oriented
global $CF_GEO;
echo $CF_GEO->city;

// Array
global $CFGEO;
echo $CFGEO['city'];

How to use CF Geop Plugin inside JavaScript?

JavaScript is enabled from version 5.2.0. In JavaScript you have 2 ways to get geo data from our plugin, using cf.geoplugin or window.cfgeo objects. These 2 objects contain all geo information from our plugin and are available inside the public and admin area.

    // Look in your console for all available objects

    // you can use this everywhere you want

    var city =,
        state = window.cfgeo.state,
        country =,
        ip = window.cfgeo.ip;

How to use Geo Controller inside ContactForm7?

Sometimes you need to include other HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and jQuery codes inside ContactForm7. Sometimes you need to insert a geolocation in input fields. This is not easy but here is one example with jQuery:

[text* city placeholder "* City Name"]
[text* country placeholder "* Country Name"]


This code will auto fill the value of CF7 city field when a visitor visits the contact page (look screenshots).

  • All geo information you can find inside the global window.cfgeo object.

Geo Controller don’t display information

  • It might be an error with the provider’s geoPlugin network or API and Geo Controller can’t display information on its own.
  • Look inside Geo Controller for all available shortcodes and settings,
  • Look inside Geo Controller->Settings and enable/disable and check all options (SSL, proxy, etc),
  • Maybe you have PHP error, you can see that if you enable plugin debug in wp-config.php inserting on first lines code: define('WP_CF_GEO_DEBUG', true);
  • Some people use a special software to hide IP address via proxy and geoplugin can’t look deeper to get accurate location,
  • Look into error.log file to see if a problem is in Geo Controller
  • Some servers not allow access to geoplugin sites and maybe you need to use proxy settings inside plugin to enable tracking
  • You reach some API limitations

Please inform us if any of these errors occur via contact form on our website with message subject: Geo Controller SUPPORT


November 24, 2023
Thought I would give this a try. Documentation was not clear to know whether you adding countries to block or adding countries to allow. I tried both ways, but neither choice blocked me when attempting to view our site through a VPN.. There are complete sections missing from to documentation.
July 30, 2023
Wonderful experience with the free version. I love their Geo Banner feature that shows country-wise banners correctly even on cached posts/pages. Country-wise redirection, country flag support, and anti-spam support are the cherry on the cake! 🍒🍰
July 7, 2023
The plugin works well. I use it to customize text based on country, so nothing super-geo-granular, but it works well and doesn't affect our GT Metrix score (which was a big concern). The free tier gives you enough to test it, but 1000 hits/month is probably not enough for any serious usage.
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  • Enhanced security measures
  • Improved input validation and sanitization


  • Fixed settings


  • Fixed metabox bugs
  • Fixed data serializations


  • Fixed internal buffer
  • Optimized options
  • Optimized cache
  • Optimized API calls
  • Optimized plugin detection
  • Removed support for plugins below version 7.x.x


  • Fixed WP_ADMIN_DIR
  • Fixed debugger


  • Added new functionalityfor TOR networks
  • Blocking visitors from the TOR network
  • Added new shortcodes for the TOR network
  • Added new JavaScript objects for the TOR network
  • Added new CSS classes for the TOR network


  • Added fix for menus and widgets
  • Optimized CSS code
  • Optimized JS code


  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: Fixed XSS vulnerability suggested by Patchstack


  • Removed obsolate codes


  • Fixed Redis cache problem
  • Improved code for PHP8
  • FIxed problems with missing data


  • Improved caching
  • Support for WP version 6.3.x


  • Fixed plugin info


  • Improved support for Gravity Forms
  • Added IP address field
  • Improved plugin detection algorithm


  • Fixed CSS property
  • Fixed cache purge


  • Fixed cache functionality
  • Redis and Memcache support approved
  • Added cache debugger
  • Added recognition for bot


  • Added passing of GET parameters to new redirection URL


  • Fixed autoload functionality
  • Added new compatibility for PHP 8.1
  • Improved API algorithm


  • Adding support for Redis Cache
  • Adding Cache fix for the dynamic CSS methods
  • Adding support for the WebOS TV
  • Fixed bugs from the previous version


  • Fixed API errors
  • Increased cache time


  • UX design fix
  • Updated algorithms for GPS integration
  • Added experimental new features for developers


  • Fixed WooCommerce Integration
  • Added support for the Gravity Forms plugin
  • Fixed PHP bugs and removed depricated code


  • Fixed deprecated code at the forms


  • Optimized code for the PHP version > 8.1
  • Optimized code for the new WordPress versions
  • Removed deprecated codes
  • Fixed PHP errors from previous version