Bluehost Site Migrator


This plugin is designed by the WordPress experts at Bluehost, one of the world’s top WordPress providers. It was created to make migration easier and faster by only requiring you to install this plugin and follow the simple steps. Once you’ve completed your compatibility check, this plugin will create a secure copy of your website and begin the transfer to your Bluehost hosting account.

Important: You will need a Bluehost hosting account for this plugin to complete the migration. It is not intended for migrations to other hosting providers.


  1. Install the plugin by clicking Add New on the Plugins screen in your WordPress admin, then searching for “Bluehost Site Migrator”.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Click on the “Site Migrator” link on the left-hand menu in the WordPress admin to get started!


October 19, 2022
Even my simple sites cant be migrated. Says Ill need the pros to do it. The pros Cost $150 per site.
August 25, 2022
Please do not use this plugin, do not rely on it. It gave me major headaches. It was supposed to just transfer the site after a site migration, but this plugin let me down. Find another way to transfer your site, not with this plugin.
May 3, 2022
Plugin didn't work. After purchasing hosting, I'm told that they can only migrate it for an additional cost, because this migrator plugin only works to migrate from to, and not when the open source software from was used to build the original site.
April 19, 2022
Signed up for bluehost, bought a domain, they OFFERED a ONE time free migration of my existing site to my new domain.. so I installed plugin and went through the 1 time only site migration steps. After 4 days, NOTHING, so i called and customer rep tells me I have to pay $149 dollars for the transfer, I explained it was offered to me as a FREE ONE TIME MIGRATION, they say I was told lies, there is no free transfer, I explained it was offered to me and display the FREE offer in their website, then we settled in 7 business days. After 7 days I get an email that the site was transferred BUT NOT to the domain I registered, In order for the migration to work I HAD TO TRANSFER my existing domain to them. I asked why do you think I registered a new domain, all I wanted was the old content in old domain under the new domain. Then they said "Very rudely" that was a different transfer/migration requested.. Here is their very professional and friendly email. "Migrations are done "as-is" and this service has already been fulfilled. You are now asking us to duplicate the content onto a different domain, which is additional work that is not included in the original migration you requested. Regretfully, you will need to purchase an additional migration to cover the additional work requested. We have place a website transfer in your Bluehost account cart, please log into your Bluehost account and process the payment. Reply to this email once that has been done. Sincerely, Professional Services" I do not know what is professional about it... Now I cannot transfer to another hosting because since I bough the domain from them I have to wait 60 days ... Blue host is not a good hosting company is rude and holding you hostage for extra fees and nickles and dimes. So, getting out of bluehost, cancelling everything and moving the domain out of there as soon as the 60 days are over.
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Contributors & Developers

“Bluehost Site Migrator” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Updated dependencies and copy regarding compatible hosting plans.


  • Additional checks for presence of required functions.


  • Fix for geolocation functionality


  • Adds international support


  • Applied minor JavaScript dependency security patches
  • Update a URL reference on final migration screen


  • Performance improvement: Image optimization


  • Security Patch: Add empty index.php file to prevent directory browsing on insecure server configurations.
  • Maintenance: Update account creation URL.


  • Security Patch: Update Lodash version
  • Maintenance: Remove debug code


  • Initial version